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I want to know how many 1971 LT1 corvettes came with t-tops.
Ya know, I never thought about this one before. I just assumed that all coupes had T-tops, either transparent or solid color. :confused

I just had to subscribe to this thread to see the outcome. ;)
LT-1's with T-tops

This is an easy one...I think

ALL coupes had T-tops and according to the Corvette Black Book

These are approximations:
in 1970 there were
790 coupes and 491 convertibles that had the LT-1 option

in 1971 there were
1309 coupes and 640 convertibles that had the LT-1 option

in 1972 there were
1335 coupes and 406 convertibles that had the LT-1 option

Larry (gus)

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