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Tach converstion



I'm almost finished restoring my '72 - by next weekend I should be turning the key (hopefully)...and watching for smoke.
The crate engine came w/elect. ign and I was wondering if there is any service out there that can convert my stock tach over?
I'd appreciate any help, thanks. Mark:w
Are you wanting to convert to save the cable tach drive?

If so, there are several companies now offering an electronic conversion you can do yourself. Here is one for example.

You can try Summit---1-800-230-3030

Mallory points conversion to an accurate, maintenance free spark of a Mallory unilite distributor.

Delco 1957-1974 MAA-501 $99.95

MSD is also making a kit for around $80 (could not find the part number for you).
saving face?

I wonder if Mark may be asking if there is a way to retain the FACE of his cable driven tach ... but to trigger it by some means other than cable-drive. Some months back someone asked on this forum how to retain a stock-looking tach in an early (cable-driven tach) vette ... but trigger it with an HEI/later distributor/non-cable dist ... I don't recall ever seeing a solution posted. I'd suggested then to attempt finding an electronic tach movement with a range and sweep that matched that in his early cable-driven tach. If successful finding such, then have a local watchmaker-clock repair service "mate" the new electronic tach movement to the old cable tach's face, hand and bezel. Sure as Chris will have a ready market for those electric headlight & wiper openers ... seems there'd be a market for a cost-effective tach retrofit too. If a reasonable solution is found, we with earlier tachs would have a much wider selection of distributors available. I've seen that Mid-America sells a new HEI unit with vacuum & tach drive (pn 604-059) ... it's nearly $600 outright. MSD makes an excellent electronic dist w/vacuum & tach drive (pn 8572) ... available at under $300. MSD does make tach adapters, but it seems they're intended to solve possible impedence mis-matches between aftermarket electronic distributors and electronic tachs. Pertronix does NOT make a dist w/tach drive ... they do make a retrofit kit to replace points. Last time I checked neither Accel nor Mallory made an electronic/led distributor with vacuum and tach drive.

I'd love to know if anyone's attempted retrofitting a cable tach with an electronic movement?

BTW the MSD 8572 distributor does require that it be used in conjuction with an MSD spark box (6, 7, 8 or 10 series) ... prices for a new box begin at about $135 (in addition to nearly $300 for their distributor).
Tach Drive

Thanks for the replys guys and, yes I would like to save the "original" look of my stock tach - I guess I should start some serious research.....what a bummer....I've waited 16 months to get to this point (this coming weekend) and I won't have a tach!!
Whatever I find out I'll be sure to post - thanks again.
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I have seen posts on other forums describing the process to take a 75-77 electric tach and simply put the older tach face on it. A 75-77 piece will fit with no problem in the original dash cluster. You need to make sure the circuit board is working when you buy the used tach or replace it.

Phil Mazza

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