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Tach drive dist. adaptor?



My new ZZ4 engine does not have the tach drive. Is anyone aware of an adaptor for my new dist. or have suggestions? I still have my old dist. that had an Ignitor in it, but the spring plate on top of the shaft was bent and difficult to adjust for a gap. Thanks for you help. JB
There are a number of ways you might go, I haven't personally done it (here are some references I've collected, but some may be out of date):

1. purchase a mechanical tach-drive distributor... Summit Racing http://www.summitracing.com has MSD and Mallory pointless tach drive distributors in their catalog.

also, Performance Distributors advertises tach-drive distributors (I don't know what make) http://www.PerformanceDistributors.com 901-396-5782

2. convert your tachometer to electrical... try APT Instruments 612-881-7095 (I think I'd lean toward this, but it means you have to pull the dash)

3. have your old tach-drive distributor rebuilt and converted to HEI... Dave Ray 562-699-6949
Did the same thing a couple of years back I bought a rebuilt dist. then put a Mallory unilite in it with a stock looking coil and used the cable drive. never had a problem. might look into pertronix doing it the same way good luck
Since your stock distributor is damaged I would go with one of the aftermarket tach drive distributors. Might as well keep a new distributor in that new engine. With the ZZ4 original appearance isn't a priority.

artie b,
Welcome to the Corvette Action Center. Nice to have another Midyear guy.

MSD makes a tach-drive distributor, but it's pretty expensive and only works with their "6-box" system, which you have to buy extra. I'd recommend calling Jim Dwyer of Hi-Tech Innovations in Holiday, Florida, (727) 942-4003, and send him your existing distributor for an excellent rebuild. They make all the parts you can't get any more for old tach-drive distributors, and when they rebuild yours, they install new upper and lower bushings, ream them to size, replace the mainshaft if necessary (they make the mainshafts - the only source on the planet), and either have or make ALL the parts themselves. When you get it back you can run points or put a Pertronix in it and you're in business.
John Z has the answers!!!

Does anyone realize how many years it took John Z and all of us geezers to amass all the info we share here???

All I know is in the 60's and 70's when "we" were doing the rebuild, it was the school of hard knox that taught us the short cuts.

Thanks John.........You ARE the expert !!!

Jim Gessner
Jim -

I think us "geezers" should get some kind of award for persistence; when we started restoring cars, all we knew was what we read in a magazine, what a buddy told us, or what we learned in our garage - amazing we ever got anything done right!

It's incredible what the Internet has done for the growth of our hobby - these days, people can start "cold" and learn how to do it, where to get the parts, ask questions and get instant answers, find out the mistakes not to make before they make them, all with a few mouse clicks and keystrokes; with this kind of information resource, folks fairly new to the hobby can turn out some pretty nice looking and good-running cars in half the time it used to take us.

An on-line friend from Texas (who I've never met) e-mailed me last Wednesday and asked me if I'd look at an unrestored/original '67 L79/C60 Coupe he found on-line that was located about 20 minutes from me. I called the owner, met him that afternoon, did my usual detailed checklist inspection, drove it, took digitals, and had a full report and photos back to my friend a couple of hours later via e-mail (the car was absolutely flawless, 32K miles, Top Flight '84, BGold '86, driven only occasionally since, and would Top Flight as it sits today). He bought the car that night, I had it on a Reliable truck Thursday afternoon, it was in his driveway in Texas Sunday morning, and he's happy as a clam (put 150 miles on it Sunday afternoon). Without this resource we have today, he never even would have known it was for sale. What a country! :D
you are so correct

I too met a fellow here on the internet that has a 64 SS Chevelle 327/365 car for sale. I had a 65 SS L-79 when in collage so that car hit home. Anyrate, for the last four weeks I have spoon fed via internet, and last week he found a 65 maroon / black PG loaded roadster for $21500. Wondered if it was a good buy........I said I AM ON MY WAY TO BUY IT.

Tonight, I am sending him e-mail pictures of a "real' 64 fuel roadster for his CHP buddy neighbor that now also wants a Corvette............

WOW, What a great country we live in.
I had a friend with a '65 SS L79. Red with white interior and 4.10 gears. He wanted to sell me that car but wouldn't budge on the price. I bought my new '67 442 for $400. more than he wanted and they took that '62 Impala convertible I needed to get rid of.

That Malibu SS was a fun car though.


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