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taken' the paint off!



:r I have an 80, with about 40 (okay a little less) coats of paint on her, and we want to take it down to the primer, any suggestions on the safest way. Blastin' or stripeze used under close eye, or the old fashioned sanding? Thanks :w

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ssvette is probably one of our resident experts on this question


I am having mine 1981 done this next winter and they are going to bead blast it :J

I have seen so many mixed reviews about chemical, razor blades, sanding, and blast beading that I asked the body shop,,, "which way they would prefer to do it", and they said "Bead Blasting", I guess a few years ago people even tried high pressure steam strip too.

I trust the shop that is going to do the work on my 1981 so I am comfortable with my decision ;)

Bud, I have trained you so good. Lady 80, sorry it has taken me so long to reply. Bud is correct,as far as I am concerned. While a lot of people swear by chemical strippers, and some has had good luck with it, it just scares me too much. I have seen what chemical strippers can do over time, especially in hot weather. It is very difficult to get it all off and out of all the nooks and crannies. Generaly, chemical stripping is a long and dirty job, that somtimes take weeks. On the other hand, media blasting with plastic/urethane media, usually takes about 8hours or less to do, plus a little clean up time. I would highly recommend that if your car has more then 3 coats of paint to have it stripped. the finnish will be a lot better and you will know what others before you has covered up..........Hope this helps and Welcome to the Corvette Action Center.........Steve
BudD :D
Taken the paint off

When I stripped the paint on my 78 I had it done with Baking soda blasting and the bumpers were done with Dry Ice Blasting I also made up shims from flat washers and shimed the bumpers to get a clean paint line. L C
Bumper Shims

Ic, That is a good idea. I usually have the bumper off so the line stays clean, but somtimes thereis really no good reason to have it all the way off.......Do ya mind if I borrow that idea???????Steve

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