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Talk about an ultra HOT C4


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
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I had the pleasure today of supervising a salvage sale for my company. I really thought you guys would enjoy this hot ride.
Everything melts if it gets hot enough! :L

You participated in this claim and you don't know the story behind it? :confused

_ken :w
Ken said:
Everything melts if it gets hot enough! :L

You participated in this claim and you don't know the story behind it? :confused

_ken :w


Not my claim. I got some numbers off the car and plan on looking it up. This is an open salvage poole to about 25 different insurance companies, dealers, and charitible organizations. I think it was a convertible because I don't see the metal roll bar behind the seating area. The left rear rim was in perfect condition and was just polished aluminum in the center. That really makes me think it was an 86 pace car convertible. I could not even tell what kind of trans was in it due to the melt down.
I have a friend that fell asleep coming home from work one morning in the middle 70s. His '65 silver Fuel Injection coupe looked just like that.

:cry Its amazing what fire can do . Makes u think it was in the middle of no where. or a little extra fuel was added for good measure
Talk about hot cars. I've been a full time firefighter for 26 years and have NEVER seen one burn that bad.

About a year ago, I had the dubious pleasure of witnessing a collision between a larger luxury car and an Isuzu Trooper. The car was in decent shape (it crossed into the path of the Trooper from left to right) but the Isuzu went from crunched to fully engulfed in flames to a burned-out hulk like this one in less than five minutes. It didn't start until about 10 mins after the accident, either. As we were extricating the passenger of the SUV, I saw what I *thought* was residual airbag smoke (smelled like cordite); about a minute after that the first flames came through the hood vents, and within another minute it was a fireball you could feel from 50 feet away. Not fun.

I guess the real question on this one: what did it eventually go for? :)
This car was not up for bid today.

Often total fires like this one become the subject of arson investigation. In those cases, the car could stay in this condition and held in limbo until all criminal and civil legal issues have been concluded.

Most car fires are either put out, or will stop on their own long before they get this bad. It is even unusual for any Corvette to burn this far. However, it can and does happen.

I will try to get some details on it and see what I can share.

One thing I can tell by looking at it is the hood was down and latched in place during the fire because the upper metal supports of the hood are still latched down.

I also have a bad water leak in the cowl area of the 90. By looking at this burned out hulk I was able to see how it goes together and get some good ideas on how to tackle my leak. So, it was still good for something.
Nasty thing a burned up vette...

Such a waste of potential. It kinda reminds me of a wreck I saw recently. A t-bird hit a mustang head on...Horsesh*t and feathers all over the road.:J :L
Here is the scoop

I did some checking around and found out a very interesting story.

This car was up for sale back in December. It was suppose to be an all original 12,000 mile 1986 Pace Car convertible.

It was stolen from the owner while in the "for sale" status.

The thief drove it at a high rate of speed and flipped it over in a culvert/ditch. The thief was lifeflighted from the scene.

As far as I can tell, the thief survived the accident, and will live on to pay his debt back to the owner.

So, now you know.............the rest of the story.
Toaster Strudel

It has to be 85 or 86 because of the AC compressor.

My Buddy George ( who owns the wrecking yard ) Bought a 1997 in similar condition the tranny ( Auto ) was SO toasted you could see the clutch packs & the ring & pinion gears thru the casing

Thanks for sharing..

BTW what's happening with the Junk Yard Wars Thing?

Junkyard wars

Well, we completed the written applications and the application video. Just got confirmation that they received both. The confirmation letter advised us that it could take several months before we hear back from them.

I have my fingers crossed.

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