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Texas Vettes w/ Bubble Tail Lights...

81' Corvette Guy

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Nov 14, 2002
Too Low...Too Fast...Too Loud
1981 Silver Coupe
Ok guys..Joe here,

Since I live in San Antonio, TX. and we have to have backup lights down here...are there any TX Vettes with rear bubble tail lights??? If so, let me see them!! If you all have em in texas..what are you guys doing for back up lights, would love to know. I want to convert my 81' Silver vette to these tail light..but not sure what to do about back up lights! Any info would be much appreciated..thanks again!

Joe..peace <*)))><
I remember someone on another forum mounted backup lights in the licensce plate frame. Supposedly just enough room between the plate and the lip.
You shouldn't be required to have the back up lights here in Texas. They don't check them on my inspections.
hey carlo,
how do you like the exhaust. pros cons?
Hey Tom,
The KBD was a breeze going on and has a nice rumble but nothing extreme. Since the vettes are daily drivers I wanted something I (and my wife) could live with and you can't beat the price. I am considering some serious changes down the road as she's got 102k on her. At that time I will probably go with the Flowmasters.

I can't say I experienced any HP gains but I've always been a little skeptical about that, if you know what I mean:eyerole and they have held up quite well over time.


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