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Has anyone had any experience with the Trick Flow heads? I was looking at the 23 degree 64 cc chamber. Just wondering if anyone has had problems with them or uses them. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :D Thank take care

Not in a Corvette, but they are very highly regarded. I have Brodix, like the Gold standard in bracket racing, and the trick Flow is right up there.

I would buy them assembled, by the way, but I would double check all the spring measurements. Let them know what cam you are using, also. That is the most important matchup.

Thanks for the reply, I think I will probably go with them, I was planing on getting a cam as well, with the heads.. Thanks once again for you help.


had trickflow heads on one of my vettes for a while now. they work fine and I picked up 60hp over the old aluminum vette heads.

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