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TH400 rebuild



Hi, (new member)

Has anyone rebuilt their T400? Just purchased this car and going
at a full resto. Seller told me 2nd was slipping. I've already pulled
the motor and tranny. Just fishing for anyones tricks. This will be
my 1st automatic rebuild. How hard can it be?
i'm a manual trans guy my self, but i have a friend who just overhauled his turbo400. he installed a set of allison clutches what ever they are? he says they are the only way to go in a high performance rebuild of an automatic. he has been doing this for a lot of years for what ever that is worth and is very adament about this. i know this is not much help but it might be something to look in to. i'm sure there is someone here who should be able to give you more advice. good luck with your project. robert

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