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The 9-car

Apr 19, 2015
Allenton, Wi
1968 lemans blue roadster & a 1969 coupe
Almost 4 years ago I picked up a 69 coupe. L48 300HP 350 turbo 400 3.08 gears. Burgundy repaint but original color, black vynal interior. A bone stock car, with smoking engine, brake pedal almost on the floor, leaking tranny, and when you smacked the seats you'd get a cloud of foam dust rising. I was in love with it at first, but as all affairs go they always let you down.


First things first, brakes. No apparent leaks, replace master and bleed, AoK for 2 weeks then on the floor again, rebleed and 2 weeks again same. Figured 1 of the 16 pistons are sucking air in, so I had a spare set of caliphers that got rebuilt with the o-ring pistons, painted. So while I'm at it [we all know that story] might as well fix the parking brakes, then noted that 1 of the trailing arms is rusted out. So Van Steel supplied me with a set of offset T/As, picked up some new bearings and seals, So while I'm at it might as well put the Stainless steel braided hoses on. Now is when I find the problem causing the brake loss. The brass fitting right rear brake was cross threaded. So while I 'm still at it VP&B supply me with a shortened rear 330# spring and a 3/4 rear sway bar. You know those crush collars you are supposed to use when setting up the rear axels, well I still haven't figured out to us them [there in a box somewhere]. Both vettes are setup without them, the blue car been like that for 10 years and now 3 seasons on the 9-car with no problem. Now I can put my 16s on. More picts next time. T

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