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The Beginning of the End...Rear end that is.


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Jul 5, 2001
Sydney Australia
1977 Yellow Coupe
I took advantage of some inclemment weather here to get stuck into rebuilding the entire rear end of my 77.
Day 1... Sway bar off...had only just put it in for last week's show and was pleased with the difference in the way the car felt and drove.
Exhausts and mufflers removed from just behind the trans cross member. Leaf spring dropped....slowly of course. Shocks and strut rods removed. Had no problem getting the strut/shock mount out. Certainly nothing a bigger hammer couldn't solve anyhow.
Then before finishing up for the day I decided to have a crack at the trailing arm bolt..........to be continued.
You spent WAY to much time in Florida with the SharkMan...
Keep those photo's coming. Looks like a 12 pack job to me :D

The Dreaded Trailing Arm Bolt

I hope you have a better time with that bolt than I did, Brutus. It seems that either the bolt rusted enough to bond itself to the trailing arm or it bent inside of it, on my '71. Whatever happened, I had to cut the bolt on each side on both trailing arms. A power saw or a grinder couldn't fit in the limited access area, so a good 'ol handsaw was employed. Not a hacksaw, but a handsaw that doesn't have a anchor point at the end. I remember starting sometime around noon and not finishing till very late at night. I didn't cut the bolts all the way through, but enough to twist the trailing arm side to side to break the bolt. Too bad I didn't notice that my trailing arm had stress cracks and was beyond repair, before I started. I would have cut that thing enough to get at the bolt with a sawzall. Live and learn, I guess. :( --Bullitt
Day 2...Trailing arms.

Well before I finished work on the first day I just had to see how hard it was going to be to get these t/a bolts out. So as with every other nut and bolt there I sprayed them liberally with Penetrene....btw I get this stuff free from work.
After letting this soak in for a few minutes...nearly enough time for a beer, I tried to pursuade it to come out with a small drift punch...didn't work so as they say in the classics "when in doubt use a bigger hammer". So with a bigger drift and a lump hammer I tapped it just a touch harder. Bingo!...she moved. That was all I needed to know for then so it was off to the pub confident in the knowledge that I could shift the t/a bolts easy enough.

Day 2...I had an appointment with my Accountant...the man who gives me money to indulge my Corvette whims...so I didn't get to start back into the rest of the t/a removal until nearly lunch time. What can I say except that aside from the effort of taking the brake calipers and hand brake cables off it only took about 1/2 an hour to get both bolts laying on the deck....sorry Bullit but I guess I got lucky.
Well both t/a assemblies are down and out now which just leaves the diff and the cross member to go. Onwards and upwards chaps....catch you later. Hooroo.
Nice job. I have yanked these out in the car before. Putting it back in is a little more difficult. That rear diff is very heavy and awkward. I have done mine by myself.

The 69 was much easier, because I had the body off the frame already when it was time to yank the rear end apart. I did that work from on top. Kind of nice when you can sit on the frame rail and take loose the bolts.

Some day I am going to Australia. I love watching the Crock Hunter on Animal Planet.

In fact, I was checking out the official web page and the requirments to go over there an work. I get the impression they don't care for unemployment as you have to have a job lined up before you can even go.

Are you going to change the gear ratio? Now is the time.

Have fun,

Changing ratios

Chris...yep I have new Richmond 3.7s ready to go in as soon as the diff is out. The only thing that's going to slow me down is that the yolks look like they're shot. Far too much end play in them. I'll probably have to look around here to see if I can get them reconditioned somehow.

Btw........The Croc Hunter! ! !.......that guy is a Goose!
Please don't think that normal Aussies (if there's such a thing) are anything like that clown.

I would love to see Steve (the crock hunter) host a short series on muscle cars. He is so animated and excitable, he cracks me up. He has the enthusiasm of a 10 year old and the knowlege of a well rounded animal expert with the bravery of a lion.

Anyway, picture this. He does a series on muscle cars with animal names.

Read this next paragraph in your best Aussie accent just like Steve would..........

Crickie Mate, they call this one a Shark! One turn of the key and you know it means business. Look at the lines, she is beautiful! What a wonderful and beautiful specimen. Now lets take a look under the bonet. She is a fiesty monster, look at the size of those headers. Now, if she will let me, I am going to climb behind the wheel and take her for a spin...................

Next we are going to look at one of the most fierce beast on the road. They call this one a Mustang....................
Croc hunter

Most people here are waiting for the day when one of his subjects bites the stupid bugger. Maybe that'll shut the bloody fool up! :r
What an imagination...

Chris I thought my mind worked a little different, sure glad to see others out here besides BroKen, DoG and me :L :L :L of course "Brutus" fits right in too... hmm come to think of it there are quite a few around :L :L

Good One I'm still :L

You spent WAY to much time in Florida with the SharkMan...
You're not kidding Bud, I'm still having nightmares.


It's about time you got off your butt and cleaned that rear end up, looks like I should have sent a gallon of that toxic degreaser home with you. I'm also shocked that you could let go of a beer can long enough to use 2 tools at once :Silly
Chris :D :D :D LMFAO!

Bob - Looks like you have a helper in the garage. At least he/she should'nt drink much:gap.

Chris.... you stepped in that one. :) Those of us that have met ole Brutus got an earful this summer on the "bugger" from down under. They kind of think of him as our "Tom Green" with a taste for reptiles. Bob.... pound a couple VB's for me at the pub. Hooroo to you from your MD mate.

.......... Nut :grinsanta :drink (Bob from up thar)
I like Steve Irwin, too.

It's his passion for preservation and conservation, not to mention that he's doing something that he loves, that really makes me respect him. Hell, he even found a new species of turtle that he got to name. 'Ol SteveO has been bitten plenty of times, but it never seems to slow him down. In a world full of supposed tough guys, he at least walks the talk. Anyways Brutus, I'm a bit envious of the ease you are experiencing. I can't seem to get a break on my Corvette, recently. Oh well, I hope to suffer now instead of when I'm on the road. That's my silent prayer. --Bullitt

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