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OK, believe it or not, I actually have bit of a windfall and have 1 grand to spend on my Vette. I swear it was all legal!:t

Anyhow, I'm stumped and want some advice. Here are the main things that I need/would like to have.

Front end needs a rebuild (doesnt drive bad, but bushings are almost gone)
Seats (foam is dead and sanding the interior bad - the covers are not that bad, but need to be redone)
Carpet - front section on both sides is shot to hell
Trailing arms and half shafts - lots-a rust. Need to be removed and either replaced or referbed.
T-Tops - current ones are fine, but sure would like a set of glass ones. I could use the headroom too, as I am 6'5".

I would start with front end then seats. Now that the driving part is handled. Half-shafts, carpet and finally Mirrored T-Tops.
Now you've got me thinking of MY list of to do things:L

Safety first...
I would take care of the suspension/mechanical matters first. It's no fun driving a "pretty" vette around with sloppy, worn out underpinnings. Plus it's not very safe trying to do any high speed moves with worn out stuff. Take care of the cosmetic things later. That's what I did with my '81. So....that's my 2 cents.
SARGE :drink
i would start with the rear trailing arms and focus on this area.i would make sure my drive train,i.e. half shafts-trailing arms-rear wheel brgs,are in good order first.get that baby tracking down the road correctly.thats what i did with mine.my 81 has the front suspension under going complete rehab as i speak.i did the rear suspension and drive train last year.i agree with that other owners comments,save the cosmetics for last.good luck.let us know what you decide to do.:hb

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