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The Big IF Need Serious Tech Help[


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May 23, 2001
1985 Bright Red Rocket
Okay ran into alot of free time and got some money put together time to do a little drastic move on the Vette.

Looking at doing a 383 Stroker on Nitrous with an open air intake

I need to know how to grind the block down and which kit do I buy?? I got the nitrous thing handled to the "T" and If ANYONE has any suggestions that may help my Horsepower Bid feel free to spill your knowledge on me

I know not to go as far as the water jackets LOL
I've got a Vette magazine article that lists a company that sells complete motors. But what got my attention is the Big Block kit they sell for the C4.
A BB In a C4 !! Um how LOL I gotta see that man. Does the Stock hood fit? or steering column refixed?
Well Well came back from LPE's website............


Ok they are god's but I found a couple items I just might do they have a plenum kit and Super Ram Intake system I like also they seem to have they're poop together with the headers

Ringing out my total In Usless North man money I came to about 3000 Buckaroo's

Is there a company out there that "Clones" LPE for cheaper?

Mind you a 383 Stroke on a Super Ram Intake and LPE headers rings out about 450 Hp so far (550 with my magic button)

Thing was I did some digging they'd perfer me to buy their cam setup for the super ram but I was going to go for a lumpier cam anyway so I dunno..

I'd rather save and forward the saved cash on other stuffs but need be I'll go to LPE for some stuff (After my 6 numbers come in she'll be the whole engine package with the Twin Turbo Im sure LOL)

BTW Save The Wave :w
Nothing like having more power!

You will see that $3K turn into dust real fast.

Better get the platnum Visa card on order, cuz you are going to need it.

Ya Like I said I got SOME put away but not Lottery winnings

:crazy :crazy :cry :crazy :crazy
69MyWay said:
You will see that $3K turn into dust real fast.

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust"

...whatcha gonna do when that damn thing rusts? :L

"Keep On Trucking, Mama" :upthumbs

_ken :w

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