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The Double Edged Sword That is the Corvette Courtesy Delivery

Bradan Donaldson

Staff member
Oct 27, 2020
Ventura County, California
2004 Z06

While a Corvette courtesy delivery can save a lot of money for a customer, it can also be a logistical nightmare for a dealer​

Well, it's certainly been a busy week on Corvette enthusiast forums as one of the top Corvette dealers in the country announced on Monday that they would no longer offer courtesy deliveries to its customers.

Monday afternoon, MacMulkin Chevrolet of New Hampshire, one of the largest Corvette dealers in the country, issued the following statement:

In order to provide our customers with the best buying experience, we have decided that we will no longer be offering courtesy deliveries. This is due to various poor customer experiences at courtesy delivery dealers. Customers can pick up their cars here or pay to have their cars transported. We will still be offering Museum Deliveries as an option. All orders at status 2000 and higher will not be affected.
Upon releasing the announcement, some folks that have orders and deposits in at the dealership took to social media and voiced their opinions in no uncertain terms.

We learned about the situation a few days ago when one of our readers reached out to us to alert us to the announcement asking us to take a look at some of the discussion taking place online regarding the statement.

After spending a couple days sifting through forums and social media, we discovered that many of MacMulkin's customers were either understanding and supportive, or drastically against their decision. Upon further investigation, it struck us that many folks don't have a clear understanding of what exactly a "courtesy delivery" is and the potential impacts it can have on both the customer and the dealers involved.

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