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The unthinkable has happened... :-(

Went through a training exercise in the military designed to instruct how to manipulate different sizes/types of vehicles while carrying high ranking officers. (DRIVE your way out of a serious situation) Anyway, one of the maneuvers I learned was that if in a front wheel drive vehicle and being followed by a rear wheel drive vehicle I could lose a pursuing vehicle of this type (rwd) by accelerating through a long arcing curve (if possible). A front wheel drive vehicle will pull its way through the arcing turn and pull away where it is likely the rear wheel drive vehicle will break the back end of his vehicle free and spin around. I recognize the result of the formula the engineer was speaking of. Might not lose the enemy, might have time to reload! I know that right over 70+mph (dry surface) the Lincoln continental will break free and yeehaw! here we go! It's a technique used in what is called evasive driving, not racing.
Live and learn. Most important - live.
Think later - reflect.

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