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Jan 14, 2002
Grand Haven, MI, USA
Gorgeous White '91 Coupe
Just came home with my first Vette! :D :D :D
1991 white coupe courtesy of "H & H Corvttes" in Fern Park (Orlando), FL. Best Vette dealer I've found in Florida. The car is on their website http://hnhcorvette.com if anyone wants to check it out. I opted for stock rims instead of the BBS wheels that were on it in the photo.
Great car at a reasonable price, and its so damn cool. :_rock

Did I mention how cool it is?
Pretty cool :D :beer
I'm excited, if you couldn't tell.
Can't stick around. Gotta go drive! :booty

P.S. It's cool

Saving the wave :w , Ed

Nice car like you said cool. I know how you feel.lots of luck.

Thanks for the kind words.
You folks and this website have been very beneficial to my research and selection of this automobile.
So thank you very much CAC and you, its members! :beer
YOU DA MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have fun with your new baby! And don't bother trying to get the smile off your face (at least while you're in/around the Vette)... :D

Barb :w
Congradulations Spider you have now joined a large family, don't forget to wave. I have a feeling this won't be your last Corvette.

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