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Thermostat gauge




Anybody have any idea why my thermostat gauge just goes straight to 280 degrees as soon as i start the engine, even though it hasn ran for like 2 days, sometime it goes to where its supposed to by at 160 i think, any idea, also does any body know how to properly set the carburator for idling on a 77 stingray.

any help would be great thanks.
You probably need a new temp sending unit, or the wiring connection to the current unit is bad. Pull the wire, check for corrosion. The sending unit screws into the block on the left side near the front (under the #1 and 3 plugs).

There is a simple adjustment screw to set the idle speed on the lower left side of your carb. But I recommend all carb settings be left to the pros.

good luck,
First thing I would check on temp gauge is the temp sending unit wire. It sounds as though it is grounding to metal which would cause gauge to peg to the right. Check wire for good connection to sending unit and wire insulation for any cracks.



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