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Thermostat housing



Well, I finally got the thermostat housing that I ordered, but it is different than the one that's in the car. This one has 2 holes at the top plus the opening for the top radiator hose. I assume one of the holes is for the EFE vacuum fitting, but I have no idea what the other is for. The 2nd hole is a little larger than the EFE hole and is threaded. I guess I could cap it and use it anyway. The tag on the housing says, "Thermo Housing,74-81. Mine is a '77 vette.....Any suggestions....:confused
77, Where did you order it from, is it new are used? I have a 74 and I don't remember all them holes(I'll have to take a look after while) But unless you need all them holes, I would not use it, mainly for looks. I really don't like looking down and seeing a pretty motor, and then see things that are blocked off, or plugged up.............Steve
Steve, I ordered it from Zip Products in Mechanichsville, VA. I've put a call into them. I can still use the old one. I'm replacing the thermostat and EFE vacuum...If they can't find the right one, I'll do with what I have...
That housing is correct for 1981, can't say for any other year though. When I replaced mine (when it was original) the 2-hole style was correct....I can't remember what the other fitting was.
You can buy several different styles that will bolt up from several different manufacturers. If you look in the Summit catalog you can see what they look like. I bought a TD brand, chrome, w/O-ring seal from my local parts store for $10. Any chevy housing will fit the corvette was not unique. Oh yeah and without any extra holes etc.

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