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Threshold Braking


Have your balancing done at a shop that has a Hunter 9700 balancer. It is the best one on the market for large tires.

Good luck.

I had an oproturnity to take some high speed corners last night and I never noticed any shuddering. I tried a panic stop to see what the ABS was like and that wasnt the cause of the shudder. I think Bubblehead hit the nail on the head with his comment about the tires not being ballanced, or out of alingment. I noticed yesterday that the outside of both front tires are worn more than the inside. Good thing I have a spare set of front tires at home!

Thanks Brad,

I'll call around next week looking for a shop with the 9700, to get the tire rebalanced. I also picked up a set of GM Grand Sport/CE rims with tires and want to ensure they are balanced before putting them on.


I hope we found our problem with the shudder. I think I will be getting my Vette aligned too. Firestone offers a lifetime alignment and I feel it's worth the money. The shop in my area has been great to me in the past. Considering that I off-road my Grand Cherokee, the front alignment can easily be knocked out of alignment on harder trails, the lifetime alignment has paid for itself already.

And the fact that I will own this Corvette for a LONG time, it will be worth it.

I hope that this will save you some time. Here is a link to Hunter's web site, where they have a locator for shops in your area:


Good luck and have a great weekend.


I'm glad to be of assistance. Anything to keep these American beauties on the road (and to put a little fear into those European imports). ;) :D


Cheers back at you.:beer
This sounds familar..........Since the 84 doesnt have ABS I had a hard time adjusting to performance driving my wifes Car (Pontiac Sunfire)...Since it is easier to push this car to the "limit" than the Vette it seems to happen too often.......
...........the shutter really does seem to be the ABS on the threshhold of full engagement("lockup" on non Abs cars that U learn to automaticly avoid doing since it is more predictable)...the ABS light on her car doesnt go on either since it hasnt completely engaged yet

Despite the supposed advantages of being able to steer with ABS I think it really sucks.......all the vibration ends up making U lose feeling for the road and makes it harder to drive properly.......Sure in a emergency braking situation (like deer in road) U can stop shorter...but for performance driving (on all these twisty and hilly PA roads) it is more trouble than its worth! The ABS when it kicks in provides TOO MUCH brake....and makes the car perform alot like if u did lock the brakes on non abs car...... except steering is at least possible

What I tend to do to get rid of the shutter is what I would do if i was about to lock the brakes on the Vette....when u hear the shutter U dont pump...U curl your toes slightly.........by doing this u avoid the ABS "Threshold" (where it sturts to shutter).... just think of the ABS shutter as lockup in non abs car.........it still allows excellent performance braking, gets rid of ABS shudder and you've still got the ABS quickly available if u need it....... Of course, Practice makes perfect!
I got the tires ballanced and aligned yesterday, and I've noticed a big diffrience in the way she handles. She's smoother and I have yet to feel the "sudder" I felt earlier. Which leads me to beleive it was the tires.



Have you tried the 2 footed power stop from 150 mph yet?:crazy


Maybe it's cause I have big feet, but there is no way I could fit two feet on the brake pedal. Besides, I would need one foot for the clutch.:gap

Re: Tires

59Tom said:

Have you tried the 2 footed power stop from 150 mph yet?:crazy


Do that a few times and you'll definitely warp the rotors. Even when I bed a new set of pads, I don't go that fast. I think that you can probably getthe same effect trying to stop from 100 or even 80 mph.

One thing that you don't want to do is do this acome to a complete stop and stay on the brake. You will not only warp the rotors, but you will also melt your pad onto the rotors.

I am glad to hear that the balancing solved your problems. Did you get your tires balanced on a Hunter 9700? They are the best.

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