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Time for brakes


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Feb 21, 2002
Navada City Ca.
1992 Callaway SN 425 #001 Bright Aqua 6spd.
I was wondering if anybody has suggestions for brake pads. Mine need replacing and I believe they are the originals. The rears really dust alot and I was hoping for a cleaner set. Any input? Thanks.
Does Wilwood,Brembo,Baer make them? I red your post in the Callaway section I was going to say Ferraii.

What about someone else?

Like Lamborghini,Lotus,Maserati or some other heavy exotic thats been around for awhile?
Ferarri Jeez :L :J :L
Hey Big Red I think you may be thinking of someone else's thread. I didn't post this in the Callaway fourm. My brakes are stock GM.
LOL to funny it was Supernatural(400) Not 001 he also is looking for pads but he has Brembo (and I guess a rare form as well)

I run KEM Brake pads on mine and she stops on a dime Very good quality pad, I don't know to to much about them cept that I like em and Id buy them again.

I think my rears are something else I can't remember.

Anyway try them they're good sorry for the confusion but your handles are very similar :L
If you're looking for pads to replace a factory setup I installed the Performance Friction Carbon Metallic pads front and rear on my92. They work good and appear to be wearing well. And they are not eating up my rotors. They don't like cold weather and you can tell until they warm up. That usually doesn't take a whole lot to get them warmed up. They do dust up the rims. Nothing terrible and easily washed off.
Cost me about $110 at Autozone last year.
Hey Graham, I took your advice and went to Auto Zone. I installed the brakes today. Had all four rotors turned. And they seem to be working fine! Thanks Dave.

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