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Times for Sprial Inserts vs Open Headers



Just curious. I just bought myself a set of spiral baffles. Was going to put them in today, but couldn't get the old hooker inserts out, any tips? Also, has anybody run the 1/4 mile with your hooker headers/sidepies with the hooker inserts, open headers, and then spiral baffles? Just curious. I have a 76 vette with a 3.08 gear, 700r4, 2500 stall, dual quads, and a full race cam. With this setup and the smogger heads, I did manage to get my 1/4 mile times down to 15.80 @87.9mph. I know there is a restriction. I ran open headers today (would have run a couple runs open headers, and with new baffles, but like I said, can't get them out). Open headers shaved off a full second. I ran 14.89 @ 95.8mph. BIG difference. Hopefully theses inserts will be about
the same time *crosses fingers* If they are, should be in 13's with no problem with the new set of heads =) (Got a set of Pro Action heads, had them opened up too =) Everyone says a set of normal heads will add full compression point due to smogger heads of 76. Have been reading on these boards a set of heads off another an earlier 350 has added over 30hp. These heads will add at least 30 hp more than a set of heads from the 60s, and at least another 30 from being opened up =) Hoping to see 13's between the inserts and the heads. Once I am there, 3.70 gear, and get in low to mid 13's. Not bad from the stock dog of 180hp, 20second 1/4 mile times =(


I know Chuck Harmon has done testing with/without the baffles and mufflers, I think his info is listed on the web site, then again he has an L-88. I've heard a car with nothing in the tubes and personally it was way too loud for the street, would have sounded cool going down the 1/4 though. As for performance I think the HP loss between open pipes and baffles isn't enough to matter unless you're racing for $$$.

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