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Tire diameter



I know this subject has been covered in earlier threads . . . at least to some degree. On my '75 coupe, I have a basically stock tire size (as far as the height). However, they do not fill out the wheel well as much as I would like. Does anyone have experience (good or bad) with going to a taller tire? Can anyone help determine what the max diameter would be without problems? I can whip out a tape measure and come up with an approximate diameter. However, I really don't want to go with "trial and error". That has a tendency to get a little expensive. So, if you possess empirical data that would help, I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.


I ran 255 60 15 front and 275 60 15 rears on my old 74 with no problems.

They looked very nice in there. More sidewall than I would want to see now a days, but if you are sticking with stock rims, this will look very beefy.
Thanks Chris! Would the 275 60 15s fit on the front or would there be the potential for rubbing? I would kind of like the option of running the same size front and rear for handling purposes. On the other hand, I don't hot rod the thing . . .
No, don't put the 275's on the front. Way too tall.

The 255 looks good all the way around, but leaves a little gap in the rear.

Remember too that you can easily reposition the ride height with shims and or longer bolts on the rear spring, and then any of the old time methods you want on the front coils. Some of what makes tire look good or bad in the car is the overall ride height.

We are looking at 12-14" wide by 18" tall rims on the back of the 69 with 10" wide in the front. I have the same delima trying to find just the right fit.

Not too many people have plowed down my trail, so it is kind of trial and error.
Yeah . . . I've seen your flare job . . . VERY cool . . . can't wait to see it when you get the right tires on there!! 'Course, I've seen that engine you're building too . . . you're gonna need some meat!!

Thanks for your help Chris.


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