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Hello! I just purchased a new 2002 Coupe and am having a problem with the TMS. The left side tires read the correct pressure on the DIC, but both right side tires read XXX. I have taken it to the dealer once and asked if it could be reset. They said that it automatically happens when you drive for 15 miles. Is there something I can try before making another trip back to the dealer? Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks!
Hi there,
Man, well, I would say that you possibly could reprogram the sensors, if they were not done before delivery.
Let us know if you want to do this, and you will need a large magnet, that you can lay right on the valve stem.
However, you may not have good battery power in the sensors.
Let us know what you would like to do, c4c5:hb
Is this a common problem that you see with brand new Corvettes? Is it strange that both left tires are working while both right are not? (With the learning order LF, RF, RR and LR?)

I am just wondering whether it is worth while to try and relearn the sensors? If the batteries are dead, is this something the dealer could replace?

Thanks for your help,

Another question. Who would be responsible for the initial program of the sensors? Do they come from the factory programmed or does the dealer do it? The reason I ask is that the dealer does not seem up to date on Corvettes. They don't sell many at all and didn't seem to know what I meant about re-learning the sensors.
Also, I would assume that you would need to remove the tires to replace the sensors. Do most dealers have the necessary equipment to deal with the run-flat tires?

Hi there,
As for dealer being able to serve runflat tires, some can, some cant.
I would call around, and confirm that they can.
As for the programming, you will not mess anything up to do this, and it couldnt hurt to try. Let us know if you would like further assistance on this.
The programming is usually done at the factory, and I have not usually heard of this issue. The magnet you need is really just a magnetic pickup tool, that you would get at any Sears store, or good quality auto parts store.
Yes, you do have to open the tire, but they dont have to remove the rim from the tire, or vice versa.
All they have to do, is to compress the tire in, to remove the valves stem. It will not hurt the tire, and saves a chance on damaging the rim by removing the tire.
Let us know how you make out, c4c5:hb
How long do the batteries last, and how can you tell if they are going bad. Thanks in advance.
HI Dan,
It really depends, as there are some that last a few years, and others that I have never replaced.
There is really not anything that can be tests to check the battery.
They either work, or they dont.
So, thats about it, c4c5:hb

Thanks for the reply and information. I will try to "re-learn" the sensors before going back to the dealer. I have the information on doing this work but would like to know if I have problems could I cause the two working sensors to stop registering? In other words, once you put the DIC into "re-learn" mode does it wipe out the information it knew about the sensors?

Thanks for your help!

Yes, you will have to relearn all sensors at once.
You will start at the LF, and go around thecar, hearing the horn when the particular sensors are learned.
Besttoyou, and let us know how you do, c4c5:hb

Hello! A couple more if you don't mind!
Does the system use the same receiver to "communicate" with all 4 tires? In other words, being that both left sides are working does that narrow the problem down to the right side sensors either not being programed or having faulty batteries? I know it uses RF (same as keyless entry system) to communicate and am trying to understand the whole picture. Also, what happens in "re-learn" mode if you can't program a wheel? Let's say I start at the LF and hear the horn. Go to the RF and hear the horn. Go to the RR and cannot get the horn to sound. Will I be able to jump ahead and program the LR or am I stuck? Also, if I can't finish the sequence will the LF and RF still register as they had been successfully "learned"? I am trying to get my head around how the LF and LR could be working as they would have been the 1st and 4th to be "learned"?

Thanks, as always, for your help!

Scott :beer
Hi there,
Yes, the same receiver works for all 4 tires, and you are also right that the RFA module works the system.
If for some reason, you skip a sensor during the program routine, it will simply use the next available signal as the next position.
So, if you do the LF, then your RF will not program, and you simply move to RR, then it will see the signal, and register that signal as the RF.
So, you will still get a reading, however, it will not be in the correct position.
Let us know what you would like to do next, c4c5:hb

Thanks. So that implies that my 4 sensors had to be programmed at one time. The LF and LR and registering and they are the 1st and 4th in the sequence. There would be no way to program the 4th without doing the 2nd and 3rd, correct? What happens if you don't complete the sequence and program all 4 tires? Let's say you did LF, RF and RR wouldn't program. You did LR instead and took the DIC out of program mode. What would register on the DIC? Do you have to do all 4 or does the computer "store" them as you "learn" them?


Scott :beer
Hi there,
If you do not program 4 sensors, let say you get 3, then it will display XXX for that pressure reading.
I feel that there is something wrong with the sensors.
Just let me know what happens after the reprogram.
Besttoyou, c4c5:hb
tire sensors messing up-sometimes

got a problem that kind of follows these questions-my message center keeps coming up and tells me to service the tire monitoring system-but only when it is very cold outside-the lf tire reads xxx at this time but when the weather warms up -not just the tires-the system message goes away and the air pressure readsa correctly-what should i do-by low temps i mean freezing or below-thanks to anyone
HI there,
I would say, depending on which sensor is doing this, it would most likely have to be replaced.
The theory is that there may be moisture within the tire, causing a frozen ball for the sensor. This ball moves, by rotational force,
and it may be frozen inside the sensor, causing the issue.
I would have the tire dismounted at the position noted, and inspect for moisture. If there is no moisture found, I would replace the sensor.
Besttoyou, c4c5:hb

"Re-learning" the sensors fixed the problem. Thanks for all your help.

Scott :beer
Would it be possible for someone to post the info on how to "re-learn" the sensors because I got new wheels and the LF one reads 14 PSI when it really has around 30PSI. Any help would be appreciated.
Here's the scoop... the main item you need to re-calibrate (actually
it's "program the sensors" in the service manual lingo) the sensors is a
magnet to engage sensors during the training sequence. The GM tool is J
41760, but maybe a decent powered magnet with a horseshoe shape or hole in
it would suffice??? Try any good magnet, the horn will toot and scare the hell out of you so that you will know if it works. It's an easy job, so just do it.

Make sure vehicle has been stationary for at least 2 minutes.
1 - Ignition on
2 - Press RESET to clear all IPC messages from DIC
3 - Press and release OPTIONS, scroll til IPC is blank
4 - Press and hold DIC RESET for 3 seconds
5 - Press OPTIONS again until TIRE TRAINING message is displayed
6 - Press RESET until IPC LEARN L FRONT TIRE to begin programming
7 - Install J 41760 over left front valve stem (I guess you could try a
hefty magnet now)
8 - The horn will sound indicating LF sensor is programmed
Notice - if after 15 seconds the horn doesn't sound, remove and reinstall
tool on stem. This may have to be done up to three times in some instances.
9 - IPC will direct you to LEARN R FRONT TIRE, R REAR TIRE, then L REAR

Programming Cancellation:
1. Programming mode will cancel if any of the following conditions are met:
- program mode exited through DIC
- ignition turned off
- all four sensors programmed
- TPM program mode for 2 minutes with no sensors learned
2. If cancelled with less than 4 codes stored, the receiver will only accept
the codes programmed up to that point.

As far moisture (ice) in the tire to kill the sensor, I doubt it unless you have had a leak and have filled it a number of times with a poor air source. They just don't work in cold weather (in the 20's or below) until they warm up a little.

There you have it, good luck.

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