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Tire Monitoring System problem at times


Dec 11, 2001
Absecon, NJ, USA
1997, Coupe, Arctic White, Light Gray Int.
Has anyone experinced a problem with the TMS. I lose the right rear tire pressure at times. It works for a few trips then stops,and will start working again for awhile,etc. I get a message on the DIC - Service Tire Monitoring System. Does anyone know the fix for this condition. Thanks for any help.
Hi there,
I would extract codes from the RFA, and please let us know what you come up with.
The 1096,1064, and 1016 is normal, nad can be disregarded.
Does the sensor display XXX, or nothing at all.???
Please let us know, c4c5:hb
Tire Mon. Sys problem

I will get the codes out of the DIC, but I do get a xxx sometimes and at other times I get a blank. Today it was blank for the right rear tire. Will get back with the codes.
Thanks again.
RFA Codes

The first RFA code C2105H, Second code is C2110 H & C.
When I enter into the DIC mode I get a QC 424421, what does that indicate, just wondering?
HI there,
The code for the left front sensor is the 2105, and the code for the right rear is the 2110.
I would say that you will need to have the 2 right side sensors replaced.
The definately are intermittant, and should be done.
This would be the first course of action.
Let us know how you make out, c4c5:hb
Tire Pressure Monitor

I had the same problem only once. It hasn't happened since that one time. I figured that it was possibly moisture in the sensor. To be sure you should take it in and have it checked out if it keeps happening.

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