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Tires and Sound System


Jun 30, 2006
1988 blue coupe
I know all these questions have been asked and most of you are probably tired of answering them, understandable. But I need first hand explanation to understand the concepts and info. Sorry.

I just my 95' Z28 and now have 4K. The vette needs tires and the sound sucks, used to better.

1.) What brand/size is good (tire)? I'm 20, so some donuts, burn-outs, and dragging are going to happen. I would not like to spend more than $700 all round.

2.) Just to check on the sound system. The old bose is not capable of working with the newer stuff on the market. So, is it just easier to pull out everything and start fresh. I am one of those guys that when you pull up next to has the music so loud that you can hear it clearly in your car with the windows up, (rock/metal, not rap). If you don't mind mentioning a setup to create such noise, not really into bass?

Thanks for replying to some old questions. I know it can get old reading the same thing!


Welcome to the CAC Board. Many of us have found Kumho Ecstsa tires to be good and fairly cheap. Go to www.tirerack.com and look around.
I know what you mean about loud sounds! I put a Kicker self-powered subwoofer in the back behind the seats. It connects to the rear speaker terminals and just samples the sound and level - doesn't use any power from the Bose unit, gets it own power from the lighter lead, and turns on/off using the lead to the power antenna as a trigger. Sound is loud and clear. Classic and hard rock. There are tons of leads here on both topics. I'm sure you'll hear form many others with links to lots of content.


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Dec 19, 2005
Wichita, KS
Polo Green 1994 LT-1
doesn't use any power from the Bose unit, gets it own power from the lighter lead, and turns on/off using the lead to the power antenna as a trigger.

I've just purchased my own stereo and speakers to swap out. I hadn't heard this part before. I knew you couldn't use the speaker wire from Bose, but the power, too? Is it not standard?

The stereo requires one always on (for memory) and one key-on for power. Can I at least use the always on that Bose uses?

Help? Anyone done this themselves before?

(Sorry, I'm not trying to hijack your thread here, but it seems like something you might want to know as well)



Hi Guysvette
If you've replaced the head unit - then follow their instructions to connect,
I still have the complete Bose system in place, I just added a sub-woofer to improve the sound. When I said I used a power feed from the lighter I just wanted to be sure to not draw down any powr feeds fom the Bose itself, and I use the power antenna power lead as a "Radio on" signal so the sub doesn't stay on all the time. I've heard the Bose speaker (signal) wires are on the puny side, especially for high powered aftermarket systems. I know folks that use 8 or 10 guage wire for the speaker feeds. If the existing Bose harness has adequate size wire I don't see any reason not to use it. Everything in the Vette should be suitable for 12 volt stuff. Remember the Bose has amps at each speaker so the signal feed doesn't need much oompf to it but the power to the Bose speaker-amp should be reasonable sized.
However that said - good heavy wiring can make a difference in sound volume and quality, and aftermarket harnesses for vettes are available as a drop in install, just a pita to remove the seats, console, carpeting, etc.
Like I said there's just tons of stuff here on sound systems, use the search and there's aso a special topic section on that.
I hope more people jump in on this as many are waay more knowledgeable than I.

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