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I'm currently running 265/60/15's. Its time for new tires and in a 60's series i've only found 255's if I go to a 50 series I can get radial T/A 265/50sr15. My question is any one using a 50 series tire how they find the ride with the difference in sidewall height

Before you go to the smaller profile you might want to check the distance from exhaust to the ground. If you lose an inch of tire height, you lose 1/2 inch between the ground and the exhaust clamps. Any driveways or speed bumps that may cause a problem? The 255 is less than 1/2 inch narrower than the 265. I have had no problems with traction on 255's behind my 350 horse L-82.
By going with a 50's series tire, you will need to have the speedo re-calibrated, much like if you had changed out the gears in your rearend. As a matter of fact, going with a smaller diameter tire will raise your effective rear end ratio a little bit. The smaller sidewall on the tire is supposed to make the tire more stiff thus reducing leaning and making the car handle better.

Running 265/50/15's.
Clearance over speed bumps is a bit of a hit and miss. Same with driveways, but work on the correct angle of attack and you're fine.
The ride is fine and I keep 38-40 PSI in then.
Traction ??...Hell, with the 305...:D
my corvette had radial TA 255 60 fronts and 275 60 rears as far as I know they still make these size tires..BFG that is

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