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Does anyone have any experience and/or knowlege on running the Centennial Interceptor ZR-X Passenger / Performance Tires on the C4? How about on a 1991 Roadster? In auto-cross?

Thanks for any suggestions!:cool
Don't have personnal experience but the Bridestone S01 S02 seem to get high marks across the board.
I wouldn't consider a Centenial tire for any of my cars. They don't have a reputation for building high performance tires. If it is not better than the OE tire, I would never put them on. I swear by Michelin (and hate Goodyear). I've tried Pirelli, Dunlop, Bridgestone, Firestone, Yokohama (and more) and I always come back to Michelins. After Michelins, I would consider the Bridgestone S02 Pole Positions and the Dunlop SP8000 (because they are softer than the 9000's). Stay away from BF Goodrich and Goodyears if you want to be competitive.

Another tire to strongly consider is the new Kumho DOT legal racing tire. These tires are very soft, but can be driven for street use.

Of course I measure tires based on wet/dry handling, drifting attributes and break away tendencies for street and occasional visits to the track. Don't scrimp on cost when it comes to safety, or you'll probably regret it.

I agree With VIPER Michelin is great . They are good in all kinds of weather. they ride good and they last better than most.:grinsanta
I only ran the Michelins when they were on the Vette when I got it, and those were pretty far along, but I have to admit that I liked those tires. They really seemed to stick, but then I was new to Vettes then. ;)

Maybe the fact that they were worn also had something to do with the handling, after all, race tires are shaved right? :L

_ken :w
If you can get a hold of a set of Pilot MXX3's, you can't go too wrong. Check with Tire rack (Luke). These are some of the softest compound tires (with the exception of DOT legal racing tires). Their wear factor is 155, wear as most are over 200.

They are easy to scrub the side walls too.

the BFG g-force KD is "Y" rated and a soft compound. I have run 3 SSCC on mine at high speeds and they worked great. I would not use them on wet pavement
when it comes to tires, there are Michelin and there are tires.

My 275/40x17 XGT Pilots have approx 54k on them and will hit 60K easy

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