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Tomorrow we’ll show you the C7 Corvette (can't say if its real or BS but here goes)


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Nov 28, 2001
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Tomorrow we’ll show you the C7 Corvette

The C7 Corvette — the seventh generation of General Motors' iconic super car — is set to be unveiled 14 months from now at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show. Doesn't that seem like a totally unacceptable timeframe? We think so.

So, instead of waiting, we're just going to show you the 2014 Corvette a bit early — like, say, tomorrow.

This week, unbeknown to General Motors, we saw the next-generation Corvette completely uncovered. That's right — no camouflage, no car cover, no anything to keep us from seeing every crease, every line, and every vent — and tomorrow at noon we're going to show you exactly what it looks like. We think you'll find it's nothing like what's been speculated by the buff books and blogs so far.

You may even like it.

Guys..I'm just passing this along on the chance it might be real.

I imagine GM will rape and pillage jalopnik for the early showing of the C7 but if its real..I thought you'd like to know about it and capture the photo for the rest of us who might miss the time that its up.

Somehow I think GM will crucify jalopnik so be on the look out around noon tomorrow ..and I dont' know what time zone either..

If you could capture and pm the rest of us the photos if you catch it before it goes down..that would be greatly appreciated..

Get your cameras ready!!!

Hi HIB!!!

Here's the lead photo story at Jalopnik at noon today ugh!

The design is too "busy," with too many separate design elements. That is not an "elegant" design despite having a a nice profile. The base model may be way better looking - if that is the C7.
from corvette on FB:

Today Jalopnik posted renderings of what they think the next-gen Corvette will look like. We appreciate their enthusiasm but you'll have to wait a little longer to see what the next Corvette will actually look like.[/h]

I think they've been snookered by misinformation. No way they go with Camaro-style taillights (only the C4 ZR-1 had squared taillights and maybe the very last years of the C4 in general). The logo gets tweaked in every generation and the one used in the render looks like a C5 logo without the surrounding ring... Didn't Dave Hill say they stuck with the bubble rear glass in the C6 because it was more aerodynamic than anything else, including the notchback used in the C5 Z06 and flat glass hatches like the one seen here? Looks like a GT-R rear-ended a C6.

I think it's a head-fake.
I wouldn't call it dramatically different. Maybe it'll look better in the flesh
Nice but I'm not sure about the tail lights. Trying to imagine what it would look like if it wasn't a ZR1. A C6 with a little edge?
I'll have to wait until real photos (and spec's) are released before getting excited. :)
Please stay with the traditional taillights and not use Camaro taillights.
I echo the sentiments above about the square tailllights- blech.

It clearly is not a radical departure from the C6, which is all that could be expected of a company as big as GM- they're never going to do anything too extreme from one version to the next. I do say, though, that the more square, non-bubble rear window looks nice in my opinion, and certainly is more mainstream as far as high performance cars are concerned nowadays. It's always nice to be unique in design, but I wouldn't mind if they got rid of the current hatch design.

Rear end is very square-looking, not sure if I'm a fan or not yet.

As Jalopnik noted, one of their sources said this was the IVER version (initial engineering release), so it could have tweaks.
I like it. My wife likes it.

Yes, there are parts of it that will take "getting used to it." However, let us all remember goiing back to 1984, when the C4 came out and the "design-haters" were everywhere, as they were in 1997, and 2005.
They will again surface and just like when we bought the first C5 in our Corvette club, and brought it to the next club meeting, many of our fellow members were not "enamored" when they saw it. However, just five years later, almost everyone in our club had a C5. Funny, how that happened again in with the C6 (though proportionately not that many made that jump). Guessing someone smarter than I said, "history is repeating itself."

Flame away at the new design or parts of it, then in 2016 or 2017, take a look at what is in your garage.

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