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Trailing arm bushings



The original stock bushings on the right side trailing arm have deteriated. Any suggestions on which kind of bushings to get and how difficult is it to replace them. Thanks.
You'll have to pull the trailing arm. This can be relatively simple, OR extremely difficult, depending on the amount of rust on the bolt/sleeve, etc. Many resort to Sawzall's and torches to get the bolts out. Once you have it out, you have your choice of original rubber (my preference) or poly. You'll need a press to remove the old and put in the new. With the trailing arm out, you might find more to do....brakes, wheel bearings, etc. This is the kind of job that mushrooms into a MAJOR undertaking. Chuck
roger on the snowball into MAJOR undertaking, be prepared for things to keep poping up if you pay any attention to there condition. Meaning: give your bank account fair warning..

You can probibly use a sturdy bench vise to remove the bushings, probibly...
Thanks for the info guys.....I think i'll be turning this one over to Tony's corvette shop in Gaithersburg, Md. I hear he's pretty reliable and knows his stuff about vettes....
Tony's Corvette Shop is a SUPERB facility. Tony Avedisian, the owner is a fine, honest gentleman. I've known him for years. He's done a lot of things for me over the years. He just re-did the T arms from my 69 last winter. I removed them, and brought them to him, as I don't have the special tools, etc. to do rear wheel bearings, etc. Excellent work. Chuck
I had the graphite injected polyurethane bushings installed 2 yrs ago. When im on the highway I can still notice the difference. The suspension has a nice rebound to it.

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