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Transmission fluid



I put my car up on ramps last night getting ready to install my new exhaust.When I looked in on her this morning there was transmission fluid all over the floor.I didn't have time to look at anything before I went to work so I don't know were its leaking.
Thought I would see if anyone else had ever experienced this.
Oh I have the front end raised.
I would imagine its coming from the vent? My wifes 82 does this after sitting for a few days. It doesnt even have to be on ramps. Someone told me that when they sit the fluid drains from the converter and overflows or something to that affect. I have always had manual trannies in my race cars so im not sure what to believe.

Any one know this to be true? or even better know of a way to stop it?
I have never heard of a transmission that was filled to the correct level leak oil from the vent when parked. On ramps maybe, but I would suspect that the rear output shaft seal is leaking. This would be more apt to leak a larger quantity of oil when the car is up on ramps. It's not a hard one to change, you need to drop the drive shaft and remove it from the transmission, carefully pop the old seal out, and tap in the new with a soft, wide, punch and a hammer. Make sure it goes in straight and goes all the way to the bottom of the seat.
I vote rear seal too

I'm inclined to agree with Dale ... and that you should first look to the tranny's rear seal. If it's the culprit ... then carefully note where the seal is riding on the driveshaft front yoke... then after you've pulled the driveshaft ... then you can see if the seal may have worn a small groove into the yoke. If there's a groove, you may need to replace the yoke. Also, the rear bushing that the yoke rides within may be badly worn. Bushing is located a bit further into the transmission ... just beyond the seal. If either the yoke has a bad groove or the bushing's badly worn ... then replacing the seal alone is not likely to provide a long-term repair. While you're under there making repairs... go ahead & change the tranny filter ... it's easy, cheap but kinda messy. As your tranny pan probably has no drain plug ... it'll be messy. If the car's a keeper, you might consider retrofitting the pan with a drain plug ... I bought (< $35) an aftermarket pan equipped w/ drain plug.
Joeverb I agree. I have also heard that the converter will leak if the car has been sitting for a long length of time. Chuck

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