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Hey there! Any body got good advice on how to transport a '72 350 engine? I'm possibly buying a 72 with 2 engines -- one in the car and one on a stand. But the car is about a 4 hour drive away, so I need to figure out how to get the 2nd engine home. I don't see why it won't fit in the back of my...uh...<evil domestic rival's name here> SUV, but I can't just "throw" the engine in the back, can I? Can I?

I've hauled engines in the back of a pickup truck, but it could be dangerous if not tied down good. Best way would be to build a crate or borrow one from somebody that might have bought a crate motor, but secure it well.
Check underneath the carpet in the rear of the SUV. Depending on how sturdy the floor is, you might want to lay some 2x4s across the floor to set the engine on so you don't end up making a depression in the floor.

The only question is whether you're talking about an SUV or an "SUV", if you know what I mean. I wouldn't throw a 350 in the back of a Honda CRV (if it will even fit), but an Explorer or just about any of the domestic SUVs, excluding the PT Cruiser, of course, would probably work.
If you don't have time or resources to build a quick simple crate, get an old tire less the rim and put in first. Set the engine in the hole of the tire with the oil pan. Then you MUST tire it down to avoid serious physical harm in the event of a panic stop for frontal collision.

Yet another quick suggestion, just rent a pick up truck. You don't have to worry about making a mess on the floor of your SUV, and the metal bed and cab provide much better protection from a engine turned into a missile.
The only question is whether you're talking about an SUV or an "SUV",

It's an Explorer -- just didn't want to mention the F word (I've read through the Kill Stories section!)
Get binoculars and a small box. Look thru the binoculars backwards and the engine will be real small. Then just pick it up and put it in the small box. Put the small box on the passenger seat and drive home.


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