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Trim around the back window of '81

C3Vette Lady

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Jan 23, 2001
San Jose, California
1981 Red Coupe, 1973 Big BlockStingray
I got my exterior window trim popped off, stripped, and now am ready to repaint it and put it back. But before I do that, it IS supposed to be black, not chrome, right??? And the black shoud be satin black, yes?

I've seen both, even in Chevrolet's own advertising, but as near as I can tell the correct trim is flat black.
Self Etching Primer for Back Window Trim?

Has anyone found this stuff to use directly on the aluminum trim prior to the primer and satin paint??? IF so, please enlighten me with where to find it. I was told that hot rod black primer won't stick to my aluminum and to put the self etching primer on first. Any ideas from you experienced car restorers will be appreciated!

Thanks mucho!
moulding paint.


The '81 is black. I think that the original finish is anodized. I've had window mouldings anodized on projects before with mixed results. One piece will take the anodizing better than another. Painting is the best solution short of replacing the moulding with new. The one I got for the wife's 81 came black.

Go to a NAPA store or other automotive paint store and get a 3M scuff pad used for scuffing paint and a small can of Prep-Sol or equivelant. Wipe down the moulding with the Prep-Sol cleaner BEFORE you start scuffing or sanding to remove all wax and oils. You don't want contaminants to lift your new paint.

Lightly scuff the moulding to take the shine off of it so the new finish can get some tooth. The same store will have self-etching primer, like DuPont Veri-Prime, in a spray can. A couple light coats until covered should do it. Eckler's sells a paint in spray can called Windshield Moulding Paint part number A4937. I have heard several say it is a perfect match to original finish.

If you are painting the moulding in the car, tape off the painted body area along the mldg with masking tape while you are cleaning off the old paint and scuffing. This will help keep you from scuffing more than you want. Retape before painting.

Good luck with your project.

Back Window Trim

Thanks Tom. Back to the store for my 3rd attempt at getting the right products for the job! I should have begun this project by posting my questions here first. I have the trim off the car and have it stripped of paint. Looks like it will be a fairly long project! At least now I have the info to do the job right. Thanks again-
How do you do it!

How do you get the rear window trim off the car without damaging it???

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