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Trying to get a wind noise prob resolved at the dealer


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Sep 24, 2003
'73 4spd coupe, '04 6 speed coupe
I took my C5 in for fuel leak and a drivers door, top back corner wind noise issue. This is turning into a long and messy experience. They, after two weeks, and a new:

1. fuel fill neck,
2. vent tube,
3. fuel line crossover seal,
4. left fuel tank... and probably a few other parts

...have finally graduated from the "C5 School of Fuel Systems" using my car as a test mule. The only thing wrong with it was a leak at the crossover tube where it connects to the left tank, I crawled under it and looked before I took it in and told them where it was leaking. I believe the other parts were from their screw ups. Anyway, it appears the leak is finally fixed. The issue I'm battling now is the door glass adjustment. They tried to adjust the glass higher to eliminate the noise. Didn't help. All they accomplished was to get the glass bashing into the ridge above the groove in the left targa top weatherstrip rather than go into the groove when the door is slammed. In order to get it into the groove I have to push in on the glass as I slam the door. I Know from working on my C4 that glass/door adjustments are very touchy on cars without framed (frame around the window, like a p/u truck) doors. I am thinking about pulling the door panel and giving it a shot myself.

Just wondered if anyone has any experience with wind noise prob's and how tough is it to get the door panel off and back on? I never have had much luck getting a car fixed right by someone else, including the dealer, this is under warranty though.


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