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Question: C5 Manual Grinding noises


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Jun 5, 2024
at 119,000 miles I had some noises start to emanate from I think the clutch plate area so had the clutch plate, disk, and had all the bearings done in the torque tube. Also had the clutch piston replaced as well. Got it back and been driving around and I am getting more noises similar to before all the work was done but this time I did more experimenting with

"sometimes" it will start making a grinding noise quite loud even with the clutch fully depressed
If I shift into neutral release the clutch then depress the clutch then try to put it in gear it goes in some of the time without the noise other times I have tried 2-3 gears and it still makes noise
If the clutch is depressed after the noise and then shift to neutral and leave the clutch depressed it consistently and in any gear I try starts grinding

I attached a video ( I hope) that you can listen to the noise --- any help appreciated


  • C5 Shift Noises.mov
    3.4 MB

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