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Trying to locate a 1981 custom built "Ecklers" Greenwood Daytona to buy


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Hello all. I've owned a 1968 and 1972 stock vette in the past. But in the early 80's when Ecklers came out with their Daytona kit, I knew my next vette would be the custom route with this kit on it.

Well it took 20 years but I'm finally in a place & time when I can do it. Although the 20 years makes finding a custom Daytona a little harder.

I've been watching this forum and read about the guys & gals who have custom glass. Lots speak of a daytona wing or front end but these are the kind made to glass on to an otherwise stock body. The complete kit is something all together different.

I've seen two Full custom Greenwood Daytonas on EBAY in the last month. I hope that frequency keeps up and then I'll be sure to find the right one..........OR

Does anybody have any leads on a complete custom Daytona for sale? Any thoughts or past experiances would sure be appreciated!

silver 80

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Jul 9, 2001
1980 silver with blk interior 1987 blue / blue
I thought i saw one on E-bay motors it is yellow Good luck.


Check out the latest issues of Corvette Fever and Vette magazine, there is a company called Vanacours (sp?) that makes all the parts you need if you would like to do it yourself. Don't know where you might buy one already done though, keep searching all the Corvette web sites in the for sale sections is your best bet.

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