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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
All things being equal, I would prefer a Mass Air Flow system. However, since the 90 is not my main project, I will stick with what I have for now.

My clutch and flywheel did not show today, so I am not putting th engine in the 69. Instead, we are going to join the Central Florida SCCA Solo II group at the Gainesville road course speedway on Saturday.

Took the car for some tuning with the scanner. I have the timing such right now that I can run in closed loop at WOT under a load and I get no retard. If I bump it just a tad, I end up with 1 or 2 degrees around 5,500. So, I backed it off. This means that I am running based upon the pump gas and conditions as much timing as possible without having to be corrected.

Now, for the fuel pressure. The ideal O2 reading under a load at WOT is around 860 mv. I have my TPiS fuel pressure regulator all the way back out, and am hitting about 901 mv at best during WOT. That means I am a Tad rich.

Not going to sweat the small stuff tonight.

Here is a pic of my scanner.
Very cool. :upthumbs

Sorry to hear that you're still waiting on your flywheel for the '69. :(

I was talking to another gearhead at our club meeting last night and he was showing off his new McLeod multi-disc setup and the so-called "flywheel". It was actually not much more than a ring gear for starting the engine it was so tiny and lightweight. :L

I mentioned that for street use he's going to be going through discs, but he said there is adjustment possible with the unit. When asked about whether he was using a safety bellhousing he said he wasn't. I'll be damned if mine's going together without the Lakewood shield in place. :eek

No matter what they tell you at the manufacturer's sources, any rotational device, when it hits the stratosphere on your tachometer, is liable to explode. Where do you think the manufacturer will be then? ;)

C'mon-n-n-n-n UPS! Get the flywheel and clutch to Chris soon! :J

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