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Turbo and Super Chargers


Jul 2, 2001
Austin, TX, USA
1974 L-82 White Coupe
I just finished reading about turbo chargers and super chargers.
Does anyone know where I can find one for my 74' 350 L82?
I pursued several avenues at one time looking for the perfect supercharger for my car and the hot small block that I was going to drop in. I struck out over and over again trying to find a direct fit application out there. It looks like the C4 and 5 guys have the advantage here.

That is, for a direct fit system.

Turbos are nice. They are the way to go if you have the correct supporting systems to really let them do their thing. However, I struck out on findind a direct fit system.

Maybe there are some new systems out since I was last looking. In any event, you are welcome to custom fit a unit to your car. Procharger has some of the best stuff out there.

Let us know if you find a direct fit application for the C3.
The paxton and vortec units are very easily modified to fit any car nicely.

I have a 1968 vette with 350 and a 144 B&M (now holly) superchanger :Roll . The hood is a high rise hood I think from ecklers, looks like a modifided L88 hood. The blower with aircleaner fit with no problems.

With the blower producing about 6 psi boost max at WOT.

I will say that it sure is fun to drive around with the extra low end torque, and on the freeway I love seeing the other guys face (usually a mustang) when I open her up and the blower starts to make that whine. I just just love the noise.

The engine is a stock GM creat motor 8:1 CR pistons, 4-bolt main, stock cam, heads etc. I am making about 375 hp.

I know if I spend about 1000-1500 I can make about 500+ hp with now problems and have the engine that will last a long time.

just my 2 cents:drink

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