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Turn Signals



Just picked up a 2000 vette with 17,000 miles and everything works great, except the turn signals. At times they simply won't operate. Push the lever either right or left and the arrows don't light nor do the front or back turn signals blink...completely dead.
But if I turn the car completely off and restart they operate (most of the time)...sometimes for a day or two, other times for just a few seconds. I have tried jiggling the turn signal lever but that doesn't seem to be the problem. Can anyone diagnosis this problem?
Many Thanks


A week after buying my '00 last May I had to replace the turn signal switch. With labor it was about $150, but if you can do it yourself, the switch was only about $35.


Airbag safety

IF you choose to do the labor yourself there are a few little tips I can pass on to you.

Airbags, contrary to popular belief, don't use air to inflate but a small explosive charge. To safely work on these you will need to disconnect the battery and wait at least 15 minutes to let the capacitors discharge fully as a stray static charge has been known to deploy airbags (not on me thankfully). When taking off the airbag (takes a #25 torx bit) try not to put your face directly in front of it just in case and once you remove it place it face down behind the seats. Once you do get it off there will be a ring inside of a ring. Mark it and place a small piece of tape on it to keep it from moving (this is critical). Take a pair of tru-arc pliers and remove the tru-arc ring and then you can remove the clockspring (ring inside the ring thing). After that it is your standard GM column without the ignition switch. The hardest part of YOUR job is going to be locating the connection which is sure to be further down in the column.

Good luck,


check you hazard switch. GM is having problems with theses on all car models. i personally have replaced them under warrenty on malibus, vettes, C-K trucks and S-T trucks (actually there is a big recall on these S-T's). most common symptoms for these repairs were one or any combo of the following (intermittently of course): turn signals inop
stop lamps inop
tail lamps inop

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