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Turnsignal Flasher



Does anyone know where the turnsignal flasher is on an 84? I looked in a Chilton's Manual and it's supposed to be under the dash on the left side but I took all that appart under there and couldn't find it.
Welcome To The Corvette Action Center 65itsnotmyage!

Hope ya enjoy it here.

On my '87, it's behind the center information panel. You gotta remove a lot of stuff to get to it. :(
Welcome to the forum, 65itsnotmyage. :) Nice to meet you. :)

Thanks a lot! I'll look under there this weekend. And hello to you to Patti.

Thanks again I'll let you know on Monday if I found it.
Hey just an FYI-I finally found the turnsignal flasher under the passenger side dash. I thought Chiltons said it would be under the driverside near the gage cluster but any way. Thanks a lot for all the help!

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