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Uhoh, steering rack problem?


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Dec 17, 2001
Eaton Rapids, Mich
!985 ,blue coupe, 4+3 Z51
I was in the process of removing the battery via the side panel and I needed to turn the wheel alittle for clearance to the screw on the wheel lip. I didnt bother to start the car ,I just reached in the door and turned the steering wheel . When I did this the wheel slipped a little and made a noise like splines slipping. I varified that the shaft was turning. It only slipped about an inch looking at the steering wheel . When I turned it back it did the same thing before the wheels turned. PLEASE tell me this is normal when you turn the steering wheel without the motor running.:(
Shouldnt turn the wheel when the motor's not running right ? :hb
Bzzzzzzztttttt Wrong!

I'll bet the coupling between the input shaft of the rack & the steering linkage is "not right"
You need to check this BEFORE you drive it some more

Mike ,
Thanks for the input. I'd say your right. Thats what it felt and sounded like. Thats really the first thing I've found , so far, I 'm getting ready to look at everything up front first and start a list of things I find . The car is up for the winter . Wont be driven untill I get it ready to roll. When I have it up for the clutch change I'll be looking at everything. Just bought the car .
Thanks again,
Actually , I need to buy repair manuals . Gonna start with the Chiltons and then the repair manual for the given car. Any one you suggest to be a good one?
You're on the track with the GM manuals and Chilton's or Haynes Dave. You might also want to look into Gordon Killebrew's books, the C4 book that you can find in the Portal, and just about any book you find that has anything at all in it about the C4. ;)

_ken :w
Today i put the car up on jackstands . I removed the wheels and moved the steering back and forth by hand at the hub. I believe I found a noise. Slight clunk when reversing directions and not realy very smooth. Expect to buy a new rack?
Steering Problem?

Hey, MaxRevs:

I found your post by accident. I have been unable to find anyone on the net with a similar problem to mine. I believe you are the first. My post, on this forum is "'95 C4 Steering Problem". Does this sound like what you are experiencing? Here is the post: <<My low-mileage vette (15K mi) makes a slight snapping or cracking sound (and feel) when rotating steering wheel a few degrees left or right. It only makes this noise once in either direction. I suspect a "give" in the intermediate shaft joint, but not certain. I do not notice noise when outside temp is above 80 degrees F, or so. Found reference to Serv Bulletin 56-3202A describing Steering Column "Snap/Click" but I can not locate details.

Can someone point me in the right direction? >>

Ted Valley

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