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Undercoat Removal?


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Jan 27, 2001
St. Peters, MO.
1996 LT4 coupe + 2004 Z06 Z16
Has anybody tried removing 20+ year old dealer applied, sprayed -on undercoat from a Corvette?

I've heard about using "brake fluid" soaking and scrubbing method. And also someone suggested a "Steam Cleaner" or a hot-water pressure washer to do this.

Either way sounds like a P.I.T.A. method! Steam cleaner is probably a little easier. Both are quite messy.

Any other Idea's??
It's sprayed all over the frame and floorpan and all chassis parts and costing me big points in originality type judging (i.e.-NCRS and Bloomington Certification)

Tom, You are right, it is a pain in the tail. I use "brake clean", it takes a lot of cans but used with a scotch brite (red) pad and mineral spirits, it will come off. Also a putty knife comes in handy. I would not use " brake fluid" .................Steve
Eastwood sells a product made specially for removing undercoating; I think it's called Under Gone, or something like that. You might want to give it a try...


fastglass95 we live in the same neck of the woods. Do you belong to a corvette club?

Red73BB: I tried to e-mail you but cannot get address :confused

e-mail me at" fastglass95@yahoo.com "

CLUBS? yes, I belong to 1, but am active in all 3 in the area

Corvette show this Sunday at "Chevy's Restaurant" corner of Clarkson and Clayton Roads 11:00 - 3:00 (July 1st,2001). I'll be there with my 1980 red cpe.
Come on out and meet us! " ZAL81" from this Corvette Action Center will probably be there also.

AS Fastglass95 said I'll be at the Corvette Show at the Chevy's at the corner of Clarkson and Clayton on 7 - 01. Hope to see you there. ZAL81:beer

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