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updated pics, 69MyWay has chrome!


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
After tons of hours and $$$, the majority of the chrome is now in place. I am having trouble lining up the bumperette on the passenger front side. Here are some pics.

Quick bumper car bumper installation tip of the day. Finger tight all mounting bolts and hardware first before putting torque on anything. Make sure you have a good dremal bit to elongate and slot as needed, and finally, take your time. One wrong move and a sharp bumper chrome edge could destroy your paint. I put duct tape around the body to help prevent this.
Thanks to Black Thunder (John) these 94 C4 Seats are going to work like a champ. I have to do some mods, and cover them in black yet, but it will be well worth it for the added comfort and style.

I will have a local sign company make a special credits and mod list board to display with the car when I show it. Black Thunder is going to be right there on top for this wonderful addition to the project.

Nikki says thanks too, as she was not looking forward to riding on those rigid harsh racing seats I had picked out.
Bumer Pic's

Beautiful work on the car Chris. Thanks for sharing the bumper info. I'm wondering if you had as much trouble with your bumpers as we did on my Dad's convertible '63 T-Bird ! Of course the bumpers on his '57 wasn't exactly a cake walk either ! Please keep those pic's on the way !

What can I say, it just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. What a great job!:upthumbs
Nice car Chris ....love them chrome bumper years!!.....she's gonna be a beaut. ....the seats will be a welcome addition.
Looking like a vette now. I assume in just a few more weeks I will see it drive past my house on a test run. Let me know so we can wave as you pass.
One word - WOW! :upthumbs

- Eric
Racer78 said:

Nice work, the chrome looks great. Is this the final fit, or does it come back off?

The detailing underneath is awesome! What are the 6" round alum plates above the half shafts?

Those seats are nice!

You are really gaining buddy :)

Keith :w

Yep, pretty much should be the final fitting. Those 6" round plates are part of the Vette Brakes and Products, dual rear spring mount system. You will notice the two large heavy brackets coming off that same rear cross memeber holding the mono fiberglass spring.

Spent some quality time on the seat mounts last night. Looks like I will have to weld plates to the rear of the stock C3 seat tracks and shimm them up in the front. I found the sweet spot where even Nikki (5' tall) can still push the clutch and brake, yet it slides back just enough to let me stretch out (5'7" tall).

I think they are going to work just about right. Probably have 5 or 10 hours in the final fit and mods, then to the upholstry shop for some black skins.

I also spent some time with the Stereo. I am going ahead with a pair of 10" subs across the back panel with a pair of 5" mid range speakers on either side. I already put some 3.5" tweet/mids in the lower kick panels. I have moved the RF amp out to the panel behind the passenger seat. This will cause a loss of about 3" of rear adjustment. However, the four point seat belt bars will be welded back there anyway more or less boxing the amp in.

I fired off the stereo with both 10s pumping, and it has much more to offer than just bridging off one.
Thanks Chris!

You just helped me make up my mind re: having the bumpers re-chromed or not (since they're already off the car for the paint job). I was thinking of trying to save the $$ for now and not have it done, but darn yours sure does look sweet!! :D

Lookin' good!
Barb :w
Oh yeah, Looking good, Looking REAL good, Buddy.
Excellent, suspension Pic along with the Hi Pres. Pump;)

What are the gains with the dual mount, Chris, this is the first time Ive seen it mounted up. Why did you get that? I got the Diff cover single mount so too late for me to change, but I remember a few mos.back , you had mentioned the dual mount, and I never even saw it listed at VB&P? :cool
I found the sweet spot

I like the choice of words regarding locating the Tush holders. I knew modman would get them to work! Never had any doubts!

Chris no special thanks are are necessary. Enjoy them, my friend!
car is looking sweet..eventually id like to swap out my seats for those also..much more comfortable...keep up the nice work.
Chris, It's coming along good great. What ever happen to the ZR1?

Hey Anson!

Well, long short story on the ZR1, we finally got to a price I could live with, but since it had been totalled at one time by the same insurance company I use (no jokes here), they would not re-write comp and collision without a full inspection, and it was still in need of paint, interior, etc. etc. So, I had to get a loan from the credit union to buy it, but they require full insurance. I could not get full insurance without an inspection to prove it was worth insuring. Kind of like the "Gift of the Maggie (sp?)"

Anyway, Nikki is thrilled I did not get it because had I done that there is no way I could have swung the 2000 vette.
Thanks for posting all these photos. Since recently finding my '69, I've learned a lot from your project. Keep the photos coming!

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