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Use of lower Spark Plug Covers/shields?



In starting to put things back together on my '73, I am wondering what the general feeling is on reusing the lower spark plug wire shields. Seems that with new heat resistant wires (that I plan to install), these are somewhat useless. In fact, it seems that they would increase the heat on the wires, keeping them that close to the block. Are you guys normally deleting these shields?
This is all up to personal opinion. There is at least one guy out there that would love to still have them, and plenty that hate them during the tuning phase of the engine because it makes it hard to get to them.

This is up to you. Personally I think there are some mighty fine aftermarket looms out there that let you run the wires up high along the outside edge of the valve cover and well out of harms way.

Also, check out the Crossfire brand dist. cap that correctly routes the wires on each bank in order so that the wires and engine bay look neat and clean.
Granted, I know this is personal preferance. I will probably use them and modify the front end so I dont have to run them throught he motor mounts. That is just too much trouble. Maybe they are not all done that way. Seems like a bad way to run them anyhow. Thanks for the input.
Nothing wrong with running the wires thru the motor mounts. It is a minor pita to install new wires, but that's not going to happen a lot, is it?

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