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VATS bypass keep VATS function


Oct 13, 2021
Central Tennessee
95 Dark Purple metalic coupe, 78 Silver Anniversary
Took the C4 to a car show a week ago and it must have really enjoyed it there because it didn't want to leave. So a fellow Club member offered to take me home and so I can grab my truck and trailer and tow it home. Turned out to be the VATS system.
So here is a little work around I did and got it all corrected. I did a little creative wiring and still can use the security feature of the VATS system by manually shutting off the resistor with a hidden switch.
That looks like a good solution and some additional security. I just pulled the connector out of the column, measured the valve of the resistor in the key and installed a 1% resistor of that value into that connector. It hasn’t failed to start in over 10 years.

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