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How many of you Vette owners have security devices in place on your cars? I'd like to know the most popular and the most effective devices that you have in place. I've been thinking of installing a collar around my column. Anyone have a device like this in place? How much did it cost and who would be selling them? I know the CLUB is out there, there are kill switches, electronic devices and a host of others.
Someone suggested the other day that I look into Lojac. I don't know what it costs but last time I saw it advertised they were throwing in a keyless entry and local alarm system.

A good question. I really don't believe any security system will prevent theft if they really want the car. I use the Viper on the 82 only because it came with the car and it was installed well. The 85 has factory security system and that's it. I rarely park them in an unattended area. It seems the best approach is Lo-Jack, but thats after the fact and by the time you get it back, if ever, the damage is done.

My advice is enjoy the car and think smart when parking it.
I use a kill switch, turns over but wont start. Battery disconnect in the trunk. (battery is in the trunk) Try to park it where I can see it. If not I'm up and looking every 10-15 min. You wouldn't leave your baby to fend for itself would you.:)
Since I work for an Insurance company and have experience with auto theft claims, I can tell you that cars without alarms get taken much more than with.

I installed a fairly generic alarm system on my 69 that I actually got from J.C. Whitney. It caught my attention because it was cheap, and gave me the added funtion of keyless entry, remote toggle access to other accesories, and would turn my parking lights and interior lights on for 30 seconds each way. This is a nice feature no matter what.

I actually HATE the Alarm horn portion of the unit.

However, I am backing it all up with a Lojack. The basic Lojack unit has nothing to do with the alarm system. The Lojack installer can put an alarm on as well, but the two are not related.

The Lojack unit will run you a one time fee around $650 that includes the unit, monitoring, and installation. They do not let you watch them install it. In most cases they will come right to your house to put it in. It has to have access to a power source/battery back up, and that is it.

Basically if the car is stolen, the owner will call it in to the police, and call Lojack. At that time they can start tracking the car. The thief has no idea it is even in the car. Most Lojack cars are found inside two hours from the time they are reported.

It is usuall for a stolen recovered car to have all kinds of damage on it, and the owner is stuck paying a deductible and having to get it fixed as well as that sick feeling in your stomach of the fact somebody defiled your car. Well, THEY say with the Lojack that since they are recovered so fast, there is usually no time for the thief to strip the car or do any other damage, so you usually get it back with minimal worries.

The Lojack is much like an insurance policy. You pay for it but hope and pray you never have to use it.

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Haven't had a problem and don't expect any either. However, like Chris said I have heard the Lojack is the best bang for the buck, especially in larger cities.

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I would echo the comments on the Lojack. However, I too subscribe to the basic alarm, kill switch, park where its visible, and keep an eye on it concept. I wired my kill switch where it would be almost impossible, and way too time consuming, to bypass. Chris can confirm or deny this this, but I imagine that a kill switch and an audible alarm are pretty good protection. Normally, if its not a quick rip off most will do some damage and leave. Of course if they really want it, they are going to get it one way or another. Then the Lojack would be a great backup.
The only problem with a basic kill switch on a carburated car is that any thief with some basic knowlege and a little extra time can get power to the coil and starter. It is not very hard to break the locking pin in the steering column.

However, it is cheap insurance, and the value goes higher the more things you kill/cut off with the switch.
I suspect I know what everyones opinions will be, but I thought I would throw it out only because I haven't had any experience with it.

What about "The Club"? Is it worth the investment.

The thing that I hate about Lojack is the same thing I hate about Onstar. If the police can track the car when it's reported stolen or missing, they can track you other times as well. What's to prevent that from happening? Now, I am not a crook or criminal, but I hate the idea of someone having the means to watch my every move. I like my privacy. :))) Onstar is the same. I was thinking about buying a new truck/suv and they are coming atandard with the unit. I'd want to figure out some way to pull it out. I just hate the idea of it.

Couldn't you just pull a sparkplug wire now and then to make sure it doesn't go anywhere? As you can tell, I don't know a lot about engines. ;stupid
If someone really wants your car, you wont stop them. All you can hope for is to slow them down or make it where it's to much of a bother. The Club can be defeated in about 5 seconds. And then there's the ole standby, the tow truck. Pulling one plug wire will make it run ruff. Pulling several is another story though. Problem with that is it's awfully hard on the wires.
Do you guys remember that great skit on Saturday Night Live with Ricardo Montobon (sp?)?

They had the worlds most luxurious and powerfull car that was guaranteed theft proof. On the outside it looked like a beater. Different color panels, rust, missing hubcaps etc. Inside, it was nicer than a Rolls Royce (in fact I think they were showing clips of a rolls). Under the hood was the power of a Ferrari.

Ricardo in his rich accent was describing the luxurious appointments in the car like..........the Rich Corinthian Leather. etc. etc.

Do you guys remember that ?
Hoosier. If you have a cell phone and don't want anyone to have the ability to track you better to turn it off. Michael
Thanks???? I guess that gets cancelled at the end of my contract.
Tracking Lojack?

Don't get paranoid about Lojack, it's not turned on until it is reported stolen.
Here's something to think about:
I can have the igntion tumbler out of the steering column and a new one back in within 15 seconds. In 30 seconds I'll have all your kill switches unhooked, ignition hot wired and the motor started regardless if it's points, HEI, MSD etc. In less than one minute I'm gone with your car. Door lock- 5 seconds max. Factory and aftermarket alarms- I'll have them disabled before anyone turns to look. Am I a car thief? Nope, just a mechanic with 27 years experience working on vettes. Ever leave your car at a shop overnite to have it worked on? Someone could have a dup set of keys to your car. They also have your home address, your work phone number (reverse lookup for address), and know when your home. Hmmmm.
After reading Mike's post, I'm glad I always work on my car, wash it myself and never valet park. I think I'm going to get a rattle snake though, just to be safe. ;)

Sounds like I need to get me a Romulan Cloaking Device. Thanks Mike.

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You don't want any car from MI. You know, all that rust, road grime, tar... You would be happier with a Vette from the south.Their much nicer. An pretty too. Better yet, they say those California cars are the best ones to steal, I mean borrow.:D
i think i'll just sit in my car while parked in the garage from now on.
from now on?? :confused

I started doing that when I bought it!


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