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Mar 12, 2006
2005 Victory Red coupe
Hello to all,hope everyone is doing well and now that the weather is getting better,have been putting some miles on their C3,s.

On an earlier post,I mentioned that I was having a problem with the ecm,and recieved some great feedback and advice from the members,as always.

Bottom line,I took the car to a new shop nearby,of whom the owner and also head mechanic I have known for some time,and whom i trust.

Not only that he worked at a Chevrolet dealership in the early 80,s to early 90,s,and was familar quite a bit with our L81,s and others.

Replaced the ecm,which was sending no codes prior,swapped the prom,and viola. Check engine light does come on and,as he thought,the trouble code comes up,faulty TPS (throttle position sensor).

also some big time vacumn leaks at carb base gasket,so since i was this far,and he had to remove some of the carb to install the TPS,I had him rebuild the carb.

What a difference. Like a new animal. no rough idle,bucking,or lag on acceleration. Feels like a new engine. MUCH more power and much smoother.

Can actually light up those 25 year old Goodyear (soon to be retired) Eagle 255.s and fishtail off the line at partial throttle,with the 4 speed.
(only did this a couple of times).

Anyway,on to the selection of new tires. After excellent feedback and reccomedations from some of you,I am going with a set of 4 new Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 series tires in 255/60/15 same as my GT's.

Why? Well for starters,price. My brother in law.s cousin works as manager at the local Firestone,and also just bought a L81 himself.
$398 out the door,tax,stems even road hazard,balance etc.

Also I like the looks of the tire and other members on the forum gave them excellent feedback.

Plus,most importantly,saw the tires on his 1981 with the same alloy wheels as mine,and they were as wide as my 25 year old Eagles.
They will be in end of this week,and I am going to keep the original Goodyears.

Later, Ken
That's great news Ken. I'm tickled that your L81 is feeling it's oats again. I think that is a good choice of tire too. I have heard a lot of good about them and I'm going to use them on my old yellow truck project. 275s rear and 235s front.


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