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Vigman...thanks man!



When I bought the 85 the cluster was shot. So I went to Cannons in Moyock N.C. and got a rebuilt one. On the way home to Ohio the tach became very intermittent anf finally would only work after the car got good and warm. I was ready to fire off a nasty gram to them for selling me a bad cluster when I read the reply to the post about the defective left side of the cluster.
What, it has a filter? So today after work I looked under the hood and sure enough it had one. So I removed the leads and hooked it direct and the tach works like it should. Thanks for the info!

Now for the tech question, does anyone know the values of the capacitor used in the filter? Farads and voltage ratings?
I put my cap meter on it but do not get any reading...probably why it does not work right. Are they commercially available?

Thanks folks!

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