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VIN question...


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Dec 16, 2000
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Seeing as how my Vette turned 20 this year, I was just wondering if it's possible to use the VIN to find out the exact day, or get close to the day it rolled off the assembly line. If any fellow Vetter's know of a book or website that will help me find my car's birthday, I'd appreciate the info. :)

I have all the production dates from St. Louis, by VIN, Tag Code, Actual Date/MFD Date and with the start and finish VIN's for each month from August1980 through July 1981, I'll get it copied and email you a copy, or get it to Kevin for the Registry. Most of my information is From Eric Jackson research and records from the Old L81 Registry.
Build Dates for 1981 St. Louis Corvettes

These records courtesy of the Old Registry, and Eric Jackson.

BudD **The Rare81 is 20 TODAY, February 12th* *
Hey, that sheet is pretty cool, but if you could email me a bigger pic, I'd appreciate it, along with any other info that you have. My email is listed in the member profile, but if you'd like, I can private message you. Thanks for the input Rare81.

vin #

i saw this talk about vin # and i have a question since i am going to be a corvette owner soon i am looking at a 81 corvette and the vin 3 is 1g1ay8769b5405196 and it looks different than what was on the table of when the car was made for the birday of his car can someone explain this to me i am wanting to learn about this car thanks randy
Welcome Randy

First Welcome to The Corvette Action Center ;)

Randy, you may want to double check this VIN, I am not sure just what to make of it, but here is my best shot.

[/b]81 corvette and the vin 3 is 1g1ay8769b5405196[/b] I believe you ment the 3 to be # ?

From what I have been able to figure out, this could be a VIN for a 1979, here is my reasoning:
1 = USA
g = GM
1 = Chevrolet
Now this is where it gets a little dicy:
a = ???
y = Y-Body Style
8 = could mean L48 (that is a 1979 VIN desgination)
7 = could mean 1979
b = ???
from here out is usually the S/N or production/factory numbers. Here is a website you can go and see if you can get any better description http://www.vettesite.com/vin.asp

Good Luck Randy, and Welcome to The Corvette Action Center
I'm pretty sure that it's an '81.

'A' = passive restraint system (common on all vettes)
The two digit '87' = 2 door coupe
'6' = L81 engine
'9' = check digit
'B' = model year 1981
'5' = Bowling Green (lucky you!)
and the rest is the sequence #. This is a very late model '81.
Good luck with it!
Confusing VIN #

Sat Nite,

I agree with most of your breakdown however, I think that Randy still has some numbers wrong.

A "5" would definitely be a Bowling Green car... however, BG came on line mid '81. A "405XXX" number would almost assuredly be a St. Louis serial number. The "5" and "S" can be very hard to distinguish sometimes especially reading a VIN# in less than perfect light.

Randy... I'd recommend seeing the Title or tell us about what the Paint and Trim Tag looks like. The St. Louis T&P Tag is quite different from the BG tag.

Good Luck and let us know.

Anyone concur?

Regards....... Nut
Sat. Nite Special said:
I'm pretty sure that it's an '81. . . . and the rest is the sequence #. This is a very late model '81.
Good luck with it!

Thanks TRL, man I have to get off these meds :J Good point Nut;)

I'll be better in the morning :J

I agree with you, Nut, about it being a St. Louis car. The 5 is probably an S since after that is a 4. A BG car would have a 1.
My bad!
No input from me although this thread is pretty entertaining:L.

I just wanted to do two things. First, welcome Randy aboard - as you can see this place is loaded with knowledge and info. Secondly, :birth to Rare! Now Bud, you'd better take her out for a nice long ride with the tops off.:D

- Eric :w

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