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Visiting the place where Vettes are born...

May 29, 2002
Missoura Ozarks
2012 💯 4LT GS Roadster

We chose the museum delivery option, RPO code R8C, when we ordered our long-term Corvette Stingray.

Order the car, get yourself to Bowling Green, Kentucky, and then the fun begins.

It starts with a tour of the Corvette factory across the street, followed by an in-depth walk-around of the car and its features, and then some time in the National Corvette Museum itself. Then you get driven out of Corvette Boulevard, the indoor street replica where the day’s deliveries are staged, with all of the museum employees giving you—and the car—a round of applause. The car is yours (we’re borrowing ours for a year, but we didn’t want to ruin the illusion, so we played along), and then you drive home.

In short, we loved it. Here are a few interesting things learned during our five-hour visit to Corvette heaven. Cameras aren’t normally allowed on the plant tour, so be sure to check out the photos we shot with special permission.

14 Things We Learned in Corvette Land - Road & Track

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