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want to buy a C4 vette, need help!!1




My name is Jimmy, i'm a french guy who live in London (UK)
I was the owner of a 76 coupe corvette, which i sold 6 months ago.

I'm actualy looking for a C4 corvette to buy, i was ready for a 1993, but the british insurance company are not really good with me (they ask me around $4000 for insurance , as i'm not English and under 30 year old, i'm 29)
so i'm looking to buy a 1990 (the price is more cheaper)

what is the diference beetwen those to years (except body)
What is the fuel consomation for those 2?
do one is better than the other one???
what do i need to know?
what i have to be carefull?

If anyone can help me for my choice or if there is any English people who can help me to find a nice insurance company (not a killer one)

I really want to keep driving a Vette (i had my 76 for 2 years and really enjoy them) and if i don't find any solution i will go back on a older modele with a classic cheaper insurance(the only probleme is the consomation as i drive it every day)

thanks again, i'm waiting for any help

take care



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Apr 26, 2002
Casper Wyoming USA
91 L98 Quasar Blue, 91 ZR1 Red, 07 AO Coupe
Jim, don't overlook the 90-95 ZR-1 with the LT5 motor if you can swing it. That will definately send your insurance company over the edge. Second choice would be the LT1. Good luck


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Aug 1, 2001
2003 Z06
Hey insurance company, take this 375-405 horses of my ZR1:booty

But seriously, the insurance for a ZR1 would make you take out another loan to pay it monthly. My guess is that probably some of the L98 powered Corvette's are cheaper insurance and car price wise. Getting HP out of a Corvette is not a problem my friend.:cool


Buy a LT1


If I could do it over again, and face all the problems again wich a have encounterd, I should buy a LT1. I will expain why.

The '84 is a x-fire, less power and no injection, and difficult to modify.
The '85 till '87 (I think) the TPI, has bad brakes, lots of electric problems and a different chassis.
The '88 till '91 are better, but still the L98 engine and the '90 till '96 have the better ZF-6 speed gearbox. Brakes are still bad, but you can buy coilovers easy for the types after '89 and brake upgardes.
'92 you have the new interior, better engine LT1, wich has reverse cooling! More horsepower (300), and a overal better car.
'96 you can have a grand sport, wich has 330 hp and bigger rearwheels 11J, but this one is realy expencive.
In '90 till '95 you could have the ZR1, wich was a special model, twice expencive, but the engine has still to much trouble because of the worse oillines. And when something goes broke, you have to pay lost of money.

The best buy you can do, is buy a '92 LT1, you get the better engine, nice interior, easy to modify, better brakes and the new exterior. Better gearbox etc. etc. Overall you will spend some more money too have one, but at the end you saves it dubbel!

If I could do it over, I would buy a LT1.

Good luck.

86 tpi zf-6 Modified L98 270hp & 317 lb.ft Rearwheelpower

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