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Want To Lower 1 Inch All Around Without Cutting

Mean In Green

Apr 5, 2002
Burlington, MA
1998 Fairway Green Metallic/Light Oak A4 Coupe
I read a lowering "how to", but came away confused. If someone could give me a quick "Lowering For Dummies" tutorial, it would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks for any help!

Mean In Green

98 Fairway Green Metallic/Light Oak A4 Coupe w/all options except for F45 or Z51, front/rear blackouts, chrome rear lettering, center cap decals, silver air bag decals, waterfall emblem, steering wheel decals, aluminum shifter knob, aluminum dead & gas pedal, chrome sill protectors, carbon fiber racing gas cap, C5 logo valve stem caps...mods on the way include, silver fender/rear LS1 decal kit, silver fender stripe kit, LS1 engine ID plate, performance hood seal, aux. door seals, Z06 fuel rail covers with black "5.7L"/stripes decal kit, Hotchkis sway bar kit, Bilstein sport shocks, Vortex Rammer, Vortex Powerduct, TTS Powerloader II, Corsa Indy w/GTR tips, and Corsa X-pipe.
Why not just pay a Corvette shop in the area thats done this...?

Thats what I did on my last vette..It was like 40 minutes labor tops and they had the car on a lift so it was easy..

I had them only lower my car the 15MM's on the bolts with the instructions printed off from one of these sites at the time.

I'd say it dropped the car about 5/8ths of an inch at each corner.

The car looked good and had no issues on the streets.

I had the z51 which sits I believe a bit higher than the base suspension to start.

Check out the link and see if that lowered height would be something you'd choose. Like I said...it took the 4 x4 look away, seemed to give better handling imho and was no problem on the streets..
Your car...is that the maximum it can be lowered without cutting anything? If so, then that's what I want. If not, then I think I'd take it down a full inch if possible. I actually AM going to have a shop lower it for me at the same time I have my Bilstein shocks/Hotchkis swaybars/Corsa exhaust installed (this coming Tuesday actually)...I just didn't completely understand the instructions as they are written (just call me clueless) and I wanted to fully grasp the technique before passing them on to a technician that has never lowered a C5 before (haven't been able to find ANYONE around here that has performed ANY sort of mod on a C5). Sounds like some people lower, take it for a spin, make some adjustments, take it for a spin, make more adjustments, take it for a spin, and so on until it feels right...did the shop you used encounter this?...or should you be able to get it right the first time? From what I've read, I need to get it aligned after the mods I'm having done are complete, correct? I've also read that I should get it aligned with Z06 specs...have you heard that? Anyone?

Mean In Green
If you look to the top of the page here..or at any of the various forums..you should print out the instructions..

I saw a good post on this recently at www.z06vette.com with great photos..

You could probably go the full inch. I basically followed the GM video on what they recommended for the Zo6 in performance applications..

I don't know much about suspension geometry and just figured I'd follow their advice in the video. All I can say is I thought it was so good..I am basically having a shop lower my Z this week to the same specs.

What I did..is before I had the guys lower the car..I measured it in a specific spot in the garage..some guys do the measurement from the wheel center line to the top of the fender.

I just did it on the flat garage floor at all four corners before and then after in the same spot.

Then I waited about a month or two when I had the time ..and aligned to ZO6 specs. (not a daily driver) people say the car lowers even more over time and thats the reason some wait a week?

I would say it was a great handling improvement as well as looks..

I beleive you can go lower without cutting ..but I can't say for sure..since I didn't even try..

Remember you have the base springs...

Again..I followed the advice in the GM video for the Z. They got to know something.. ;) b/c when it comes to suspension geometry..I sure don't.

Good luck
I'll check that website out. How about the gas tank...how full should it be? Does it matter? Thanks for all your help!

Mean In Green
Regarding the alignment...Considering I'm doing the shocks, swaybars & lowering at the same time I figured I'd definitely need to get the car aligned that day as well...or should I wait a week for the car to "settle"? If I do it right away, will I have to have it aligned AGAIN after the car "settles"? If I wait a week, will the car handle adversely/safely in the meantime? Thanks...

Mean In Green
i waited 2 weeks after and then aligned, there were no issues.

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